arlo camera not detecting motion

Your Arlo camera not detecting motion and you can’t figure out what’s causing it?

In this post, you’ll learn about ALL occasions in which your motion detection will not be working and the best possible ways to solve the problem.

Your camera’s position might be wrong or the motion sensitivity settings aren’t set low enough. They detect motion features that might not be enabled in the first place or the Arlo notifications aren’t registered.

Regardless of what’s causing it, we’ll make sure that everything in your setup is correct so you can identify and solve the issue in no time!

Why Is Arlo Pro Camera Not Detecting Motion?

Motion detecting is a feature that will automatically send notifications to the registered email once your Arlo camera has detected live movement.

The functionality of this feature is strongly dependent on several factors, including positioning of the camera and motion sensitivity settings.

Summarizing these possibilities will help you understand the issue, so let’s put them in order:

1. Improper Positioning

Your camera might be positioned incorrectly, therefore any movement won’t be registered.

2. Motion Sensitivity

In case the motion sensitivity is set too low, your camera won’t recognize minor movements.

3. No Notifications

The camera might be detecting motion, but if no email is appointed for the notifications, you won’t be notified.

4. Rule Not Enabled

The motion detecting feature rule might be currently disabled for your Arlo camera, therefore it will not go live.

5. Hardware Damage

Lastly, possible hardware damage inflicted to your camera might disrupt some of its features.

We will put the hardware issue aside and target every other thing that you can actually solve at home so let’s jump right in!

How To Fix Arlo Pro Camera Not Detecting Motion?

fix arlo camera not detecting motion

Fixing your camera’s overall functionality revolves around several main factors.

Your camera’s power, the positioning, and the settings of the device. Reviewing all of these things should definitely resolve any problems with your camera.

Follow the solutions below in consecutive order for best results:

Solution #1 Adjust Camera’s Position

Adjusting your camera’s mount and the device itself might help resolve problems with motion detection.

This is why our first solution is to examine your camera’s position and adjust it properly.

Decide which area you wish your camera to monitor and use the adjustable mount latch to move the camera respectively.

The camera’s range can pretty much cover your whole front door or backyard, as long as it is as far enough from the area.

Adjust the camera pointing towards the area you would like captured. Test if the motion detection works and if not, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #2 Enable Arlo Notifications

It is possible that your Arlo camera is actually detecting motion, but is unable to notify you in any way.

This could occur as a result of not enabling the motion detection notifications, adjustable from the Arlo app.

Follow the steps down below to set up Arlo notifications:

  1. Launch the Arlo app on your mobile smartphone or log in through the website.
  2. Select “Mode” and select your camera (the problematic unit).
  3. Tap the “Pencil” icon at the bottom left in your camera’s tab.
  4. Push “Notifications” and select “Email Alerts”.
  5. Input your email twice.
  6. Confirm it using the confirmation message sent to your inbox.
Tip: Make sure you have enabled mobile notifications of your Gmail or online mailbox in order to receive notifications from Arlo. 

Every time Arlo starts recording or is triggered by LIVE motion, you will be notified from your phone’s settings tab.

Solution #3 Charge Your Camera

change camera

Arlo cameras are usually split into two general types. Most of the Arlo units charge manually using an AC adapter and the rest of them use a cable while on the mount.

If you’re using an Arlo PRO camera, make sure to unmount the device and charge:

  1. Slide the camera to remove it from the base (mount).
  2. Pull the camera away.
  3. Charge the camera for about 1-2 hours.
  4. Re-install the device on the wall mount.

Feel free to test the motion detection now and if it’s not working still, proceed with adjusting the motion rule for your Arlo camera.

Solution #4 Adjust The Motion Rule

Your Arlo camera generally works with rules. These “rules” could also refer to functionality settings or more specifically, on what modes your camera would work.

We suggest checking the motion rule to determine if you’ve adjusted it correctly.

Follow the steps down below to put your camera into the detect motion rule:

  1. Open the Arlo app on your mobile smartphone.
  2. Head to the “Mods” tab.
  3. Select your Arlo unit that is giving you problems.
  4. Scroll down the mods until you find the “Action” tab.
  5. Adjust the motion detection video length and notifications.
  6. Apply the changes.

Once you’re done, check if your camera will now detect motion. If adjusting the motion rule was already set up or this didn’t resolve your problem, please proceed with our next solution.

Solution #5 Reinsert The Camera’s Battery

check camera position

Arlo camera not detecting motion even after all previous solutions? In that case, we suggest re-inserting your camera’s battery.

This will actively discharge the device and resolve any troubles related to motion detecting and mode functionality.

To reinsert the camera’s battery, follow the instructions down below:

  1. Unmount your Arlo PRO camera from the wall.
  2. Remove the battery compartment and take the battery out carefully.
  3. Wait for around 5 minutes for your camera to properly discharge.
  4. Re-insert the battery unit.

Once the battery is back into the Arlo camera, put the camera back on the wall and check if the motion-detecting is now functional.

If not, maybe you should re-establish the connection to your camera in the next solution.

Solution #6 Re-Add Arlo From App (Factory Reset)

Plenty of users suggested that re-adding Arlo from the mobile app will resolve problems related to motion detecting.

Follow the steps down below to remove and then add Arlo from your mobile app:

  1. Open the Arlo app on your mobile smartphone.
  2. Tap on “Mods” and select your device.
  3. At the bottom left, tap the cogwheel and choose “Disconnect”.
  4. Wait for 2 minutes and tap the Sync button on your Arlo camera.
  5. Open the base station settings and reconnect the camera.

The base station will automatically scan for the camera once you press the Sync button.

The key moment is to wait at least 2 minutes while your camera is disconnected so everything can go smoothly.

In case the camera is still not detecting motion, maybe there is a malfunction with the unit itself and you would need a technical inspection.

You can call Arlo customer support for further inspection of your case but after all these solutions, you might end up at the exact same spot.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, if the Arlo camera isn’t detecting any motion, we suggest repositioning the device and reinserting the battery. Try re-adding Arlo from the mobile app and enable the notifications to your email’s inbox. Lastly, ensure the motion rule is with the correct configuration settings.

Now that you know why Arlo camera not detecting motion, we hope our solutions will get the problem resolved for you once and for all.

If you’re experiencing any other issues with your Arlo camera setup, make sure to check our blog to discover many posts like this.

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