arlo base station not discovered

Is your Arlo Base Station not discovered? That will make it impossible to link your multiple Arlo cameras to the Station and enjoy the multiple features.

But there are many ways of fixing the issue!

When the app does not discover the Base Station, you must check the Ethernet cable and the router’s settings to ensure everything is correct and verify if your phone’s settings can connect.

Further, it might be necessary to power cycle all devices, check for interference, or reset the Base Station to its factory defaults.

Unlike other guides, this time, you will not need to disassemble parts or replace delicate components. We will guide you through the causes behind the issue and how to solve it quickly.

Arlo Base Station Not Discovered – Reasons

reason why arlo base station not discovered

Why is my Arlo Base Station not being discovered? Such an occurrence is very odd and will prevent you from accessing the incredible features the hub offers.

It is important to learn what is causing the issue before trying to fix it:

Wrong Frequency

The Arlo Base Station is sensitive to the router’s frequency, so you must check which type of Wi-Fi it provides and if it matches the necessities.

Incorrect Setup Steps

You must check if you are trying to set up the equipment in the correct order, according to those provided by the brand.

Issues On Your Phone

It might be necessary to check if your phone’s capacities are working correctly. 

Malfunctioning Cable

The wired version of the Base Station will not be discovered if there is a problem with the Ethernet cable.

Fix The Arlo Base Station Discovery Issues

how fix arlo base station dicovery

There are many ways of looking at the issue at hand. Some of the solutions might involve some technical, practical work.

Others will involve software and connectivity management. So let’s check what you can do when the Arlo Base Station is not discovered.

1. Check The Cable

Some Arlo Base Stations require you to connect an Ethernet cable to your main router.

In those situations, you must ensure that the cable is not damaged or is the correct Ethernet cable. 

  • According to Arlo, the Ethernet cable required is a CAT5 type

Usually, such a cable comes within the package. If you’ve lost or damaged it, you must replace it. 

Note that CAT6 or CAT7 is superior in data transmission capacity. But you might face incompatibility if the Arlo Base Station is not ready to handle so much data simultaneously.

Test The Cable

test the base station cable

There are some good guidelines you can use to test your cable and determine if it requires replacement:

  • Test a different cable if you have one at hand;
  • Test the Base Station’s cable on a device like your computer. Disable the computer’s Wi-Fi and connect the cable to see if it receives internet data;
  • Check the cable’s length and inspect for visible damage.

If the cable is working, but the Base Station is still not being discovered, proceed to the next solution.

2. Investigate The Network/Router

First, you must check if your router splits the network into 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

That is important because the Arlo Base Station requires a connection to the 2.4 GHz. So do the following:

  1. First of all, go to your phone and check the available Wi-Fi networks;
  2. If no 2.4GHz frequency shows up, open a browser;
  3. Type the router’s IP address;
  4. Check all its settings and verify if you can activate the dual-band option.

If no dual band is available, you might need to buy a different router capable of dual-band.

Note: Even if you are using a wired Arlo Base Station, such a setting is important because Arlo cameras can only connect to 2.4GHz. Many users have reported facing problems when the router does not split the frequencies into different networks. 

3. Attempt The Proper Steps

attempt the proper steps

Depending on your Base Station type, perhaps you have not tried connecting through the correct steps.

That could sound foolish, but the order makes a difference.

Here is how you must connect the Base Station:

  1. Leave the Base Station unplugged;
  2. Connect its Ethernet cable to the router;
  3. Plug the Base Station into power;
  4. Ensure it can power up;
  5. Wait for its lights to stay stable;
  6. Launch the Arlo Secure app;
  7. Tap on Add New Device;
  8. Select the correct device type.
Note: It is very important to connect the Base Station to the router before powering it up. The other way around will result in errors.

4. Check Your Phone’s Settings

check the phone settings

When you try to connect your phone to the Arlo Base Station, some settings must be in place. First of all, ensure that you are at a reasonable distance.

After that, do the following:

  • Open your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and check if you are connected to the internet (and the 2.4GHz network). Also, turn the Wi-Fi off and on again to see if the app detection changes.
  • Uninstall the Arlo Secure app and install it again;
  • Go to the Arlo Secure page on the play store and check for updates;
Tip: Do you have a second phone available nearby? Then download the Arlo app onto it too. If the app doesn't detect the Station on it, you know the issue is not exactly the phone.

5. Power Cycle All Devices

If none of the solutions suggested above have worked so far, you can try power cycling all the devices involved.

Here is the order recommended to ensure each device works as intended:

power cycle all devices
  1. Unplug the router from power;
  2. Unplug the Base Station;
  3. Turn your phone off;
  4. Ensure the Base Station’s Ethernet cable is plugged in;
  5. Turn the router on;
  6. Turn the Base Station on;
  7. Power your phone again.

Such an approach should refresh the system on all of the devices involved.

Note: Some routers take a while to transmit Wi-Fi signals after turning them on. You might have to wait a little.

6. Eliminate Interference

Do you have many wireless devices in the same room as the router and Base Station?

That could cause interference that prevents the Base Station from communicating correctly.

If possible, rearrange the devices in your house so that their multiple frequencies don’t impact the Base Station’s range.

You can also test the hypothesis with the following:

  1. Turn some of the devices off;
  2. Turn the router off;
  3. Wait a while;
  4. Turn it on again;
  5. See if anything changes.

The approach suggested above intends to make the router prioritize the Base Station and your phone’s demand for data transmission.

Tip: Do you have a second router in your house? You might try connecting the Arlo Base Station to that router or turning it off to see if interference disappears.

7. Reset The Base Station

reset the base station

Is the connection between the phone and the app still not happening? In that case, the situation calls for a reset on the Base Station.

Here is how you can proceed:

  1. Locate the Reset button at the back of the Station/Hub;
  2. Grab a paper clip or pen;
  3. Hold the button for 10 seconds;
  4. Release when the main LED blinks amber;
  5. Wait for the blinking to stop;
  6. It should reboot now.

The method above will factory reset your Base Station or SmartHub. You can do it whenever the device shows issues and will no longer connect to the app or the cameras.

Note: If you have already paired the device to the app but need to reset it, the data and preferences will be lost. Then you must pair it again, according to Solution #3.

What We Learned

Are you getting the error “Arlo Base Station not discovered”? Now you know what to do! The issue is easy to solve, even if it is initially annoying.

After checking the solutions above, you might be able to connect all your cameras to the Station and enjoy greater control over the security system.

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