amazon fire stick won't fit behind tv

Your Amazon Fire stick won’t fit behind TV? There’s a simple fix!

In a situation where you cannot get the HDMI to fit behind the TV, you could be plugging it into the wrong port.

At other times, the ports on the back of the TV may be too small to fit the streaming stick which is really bothering.

Let’s explore the solution!

If your Firestick isn’t fitting in the HDMI port on your TV, use an HDMI extender to draw out the input port and connect it there. Next, make sure you’re using a 2.2 HDCP slot or get a converter, to ease the connection. Also, check the ports for obstructions!

To learn more about this problem and why is it happening, keep reading on!

Why Is My Firestick Not Fitting In HDMI?

why my firestick wont fit

So you can’t get the Firestick to fit behind your TV? Don’t worry, that’s a common issue and there are plenty of solutions for that type of problem.

Multiple scenarios that include your TV’s connectors or the TV’s port, could be preventing the Firestick to connect successfully.

Here’s what’s most often causing the problem with the Firestick’s connector.

  • The port spaces on the back of your TV are too small for the stick to fit
  • There’s an obstruction on the back of the TV  ports that must be removed
  • You’re attempting to plug the Firestick into an inappropriate port
  • The Firestick’s connector has been damaged and can’t go all the way in

Although it is possible that you have physically damaged the Firestick, there are still other things you should attempt before drawing conclusions.

Here are the best methods!

Firestick Won’t Fit In HDMI Port – Best Fix Methods!

how to fix firestick wont fit

To have your problem fixed as quickly as possible, make sure to follow the order of our methods and instructions and not skip any.

In addition, attempt to plug your Firestick into the TV’s HDMI ports after each troubleshooting attempt.

Let’s jump straight in!

Method #1 Use an HDMI Extender

Assuming that you haven’t yet noticed, Amazon delivers an HDMI extender along with their Firestick device.

If the Firestick is refusing to connect with the TV, simply due to insufficient space on the back, then you should use the extender. 

It’s easy to use, not causing signal loss between the Firestick and the TV, and fixes the space requirement issue.

Let’s learn more!

What Is an HDMI Extender?

As the name suggests, the HDMI extender is a device that directly connects with the TV’s ports and has a port for another device.

Especially whenever the HDMI connectors are located in tight places, the extenders can take your port out.

Makes it easily accessible!

One of its ends contains an HDMI connector and the other end contains an HDMI port!

The HDMI connector goes into the TV’s port and the Firestick (or another device), connects to the port of the extender.

This way, you have the Firestick connected to the TV, without directly plugging it into the TV. That makes the connection as easy as it gets.

Alert: In order to set up an HDMI extender, your TV must have a 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot!

How to Install the HDMI Extender?

how install hdmi extender

The installation process is really simple.

Follow these instructions to install the extender:

  1. Connect the HDMI end of the extender to your TV’s port.
  2. Get the Firestick streaming device.
  3. Connect the Firestick to the extender’s port.
  4. Select the correct source on your TV.
  5. Start watching the Firestick’s broadcast.
Note: Make sure not to push the extender too hard into the TV’s port. This could cause damage to the HDMI port’s infrastructure and impact the connection.

Method #2 Use a 2.2 HDCP HDMI Slot/Converter

If the Firestick still refuses to connect to your TV, then perhaps you’re plugging the Firestick into an incorrect HDMI port.

If you don’t have an extender and you have enough space to fit the Firestick in the back of your TV, then it has to be in the correct slot.

  • Firesticks can only be connected to a 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot on the TV.

If you’re attempting to plug it into a regular 1.4 HDMI slot, then it isn’t going to work.

This will prevent the Firestick from connecting to the HDMI. In case you’re wondering, keep reading!

Where Is The 2.2 HDCP HDMI Port?

where is the hdmi port

The 2.2 HDCP HDMI slots on most TVs are labeled with “HDCP” above the connectors.

You will need your phone’s flashlight or a light source to thoroughly examine the back of the TV along with all HDMI ports.

If it’s necessary, unplug your TV to rotate it and take a look.

Search for an HDMI port that looks “different” than the other ones, or simply read the label. 

This will help you locate which one is the HDCP HDMI slot (if the TV has one).

If your TV is not equipped with a 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot, here’s the resolution!

No 2.2 HDCP HDMI Slot?

If your TV doesn’t have a 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot, then you could use a converter.

The converter converts a 1.4 HDMI slot into a 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot, allowing you to connect the Firestick to the TV without direct contact.

You could get 1.4 to 2.2 HDMI converts from Amazon, at an approachable price and have them installed n your TV.

In case you’re interested, find the best converter at the bottom!

How to Install a 2.2 HDCP HDMI Converter?

how install hdmi converter
  1. Get the converter and connect its power adapter.
  2. Plug the power adapter into the TV’s USB/power source.
  3. Connect the converter’s cable to the TV’s 1.4 HDMI slot.
  4. Plug the Firestick into the 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot of the converter.
  5. Select the correct source.
Note: If your converter seems different, check the merchant’s manual for instructions!

If the Amazon Fire stick won’t fit behind TV even after this method, keep reading!

Method #3 Clean Port Obstructions

If your TV has a 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot and has enough free space to fit the Firestick, but the streaming device still can’t connect, this could mean one thing.

There are port obstructions, preventing your Firestick from going all the way into the HDCP HDMI slot on your TV.

As your TV ages, dust, debris, and other obstructions could fall into the ports and prevent easy access for devices you wish to connect.

Even at times, a port could get damaged by plugging and unplugging devices too frequently. We need to inspect this!

Here’s how to free your HDMI ports from obstructions and debris!

How to Remove Port Obstructions?

how remove port obstructions

If you had a cable in the given port whose connector broke, parts of the cable may have been left inside of the port.

On the other hand, using your TV for too long creates an environment for dust and debris to gather inside the ports and the TV’s hardware.

Follow these instructions to remove port obstructions and clean the connectors:

  1. Grab a flashlight and shine it on the problematic port.
  2. Take a good look for anything inside the port, that shouldn’t be there.
  3. (Optional) If you found something, pull it out using a needle or paperclip.
  4. Get an ear stick along with a slightly wet cloth.
  5. Insert the ear stick into the port and perform circular movements inside.
  6. Finally, clean the port’s surface using a wet cloth.
  7. Wait for the ports to dry up and test the Firestick.

If that didn’t help, let’s check if you have a damaged HDMI port.

How to Identify & Fix Damaged HDMI Port?

Generally, identifying a faulty HDMI port is really easy if you take a good lock.

The port’s position may be altered, or some of the pins inside of the connector may be gone or broken. 

Those are the biggest giveaways for a broken HDMI port that requires changing.

how identify and fix damaged port

Identify a broken HDMI port by the following things:

  • Incorrect position of the port’s housing (moved left or right)
  • Broken pins or parts inside of the connector.
  • Snatched housing of the port
  • The cable does not go all the way in

To fix a damaged HDMI port, It’s best to deliver your TV for repair!

Method #4 Use a Different Port

This might be obvious, but when the Firestick won’t find in the back HDMI port of your TV, simply plug the cable into alternative input.

Most Smart TVs nowadays have at least 3 different HDMI ports where you can your Firestick. 

Tip: Don’t forget to change the source respectively to the HDMI input you use!

Quick Recap:

Thus, when the Firestick isn’t fitting behind the TV you should use an HDMI extender to take the port out. Connect the Firestick only to a 2.2 HDCP HDMI slot or use a converter to make the connection successful. Also, clean any port obstructions!

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we’ve learned why the Amazon Fire stick won’t fit behind TV and how could you possibly connect the device.

Some TV ports are simply too small to fit a Firestick or don’t have the appropriate connectors.

However, we’ve got you familiar with all methods to get the Firestick connected and bypass any possible problem. Good Luck!

Looking for a good extender? Get this XL HDMI Extender Cable for Streaming Sticks that even boost the Wi-Fi signal for streaming.

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows at the ultimate quality and don’t waste your time trying to get the Firestick fit behind!

Nicole B