amazon fire stick keeps optimizing

Wondering why the Amazon Fire stick keeps optimizing?

Search no further, because in this post we’ll develop this case and provide transparency on why is it happening and how to solve the problem.

Your Amazon Firestick might be unable to complete the optimization due to a malfunctioning port or a third-party power adapter/USB cable. The newest update of the Firestick might also be incompatible with your TV or the firmware is corrupt.

There are quite a few possibilities that we’ll inspect next so keep reading to learn why your Amazon Fire Stick would be unable to optimize.

Why Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Optimizing System Storage And Applications?

The system storage and applications’ functionality of your Firestick might be violated due to many factors.

Any un-original adapters that are not the ones supplied with your Firestick can easily interrupt the optimization process, therefore corrupting the system storage of your Firestick.

Here are similar problems reported by the Firestick community:

Corrupted Software/Firmware

Problems with the software/firmware could occur after interrupting an update process. This could lead to optimizing issues.


Some software versions of your TV might not be compatible with your Firestick, thus preventing optimization.

3-rd Party Component

If you’re using an unknown adapter/cable with your Firestick & TV, it could result in an optimization inability.

TV Port Issue

A malfunctioning port of your TV might prevent the device from recognizing and optimizing your Firestick.

Now when the potential suspects are upfront, let’s proceed further with some proven solutions and get your Firestick optimized in minutes!

How To Fix Amazon FireStick Keeps Optimizing?

fix amazon fire stick keeps optimizing

The Firestick optimization process should not take longer than 10 minutes, so if your unit is being stuck for longer, proceed with the following solutions:

Solution #1 Re-insert Firestick

An easy and very effective workaround for Firestick optimizing issues is to replug the Firestick.

Re-inserting the unit will reboot all services and hopefully solve any ongoing issues concerning the optimization process.

Simply unplug the Firestick from the HDMI as well as its power source. Wait for 5 minutes with the device unplugged and once that interval of time has elapsed, re-insert your setup.

Turn on your TV and make sure the correct HDMI source is chosen. If the optimization proceeds to show up, proceed with connecting your Firestick to a different power source.

Solution #2 Plug Firestick Into Wall Outlet

wall outlet change

As you probably know, you will be provided with two options to supply your Firestick with power.

The first option is with a USB cable that goes in your TV and the second one is to directly plug it with an outlet.

Users report that using a USB cable for the power supply might be insufficient to supply your device’s functionality.

In that regard, we suggest getting rid of the USB adapter and plugging the micro-USB to power the adapter cable directly into a wall outlet.

Let your Fire Stick reboot and check if it will optimize this way.

Note: After each attempt to resolve the problem, make sure you wait at least several minutes to give the optimization process some time to conclude.

Solution #3 Change HDMI Port

change hdmi

If plugging the Firestick into a wall outlet didn’t help, then we recommend using a different HDMI slot for your device.

It is not excluded that something has gone wrong with the HDMI (sound or video) line.

Follow the steps down below to change the HDMI port of your Firestick:

  1. Turn OFF your TV.
  2. Unplug the Firestick from your TV.
  3. Find (proven) HDMI cable to plug in the Firestick.
  4. Position the Firestick device correctly and turn on your TV.
  5. Press the Source button and choose the corresponding HDMI source.

Wait for several minutes to determine if the optimization on your Firestick would work now.

Solution #4 Update Firestick While Optimizing

You can try to update your Firestick while the optimization is still ongoing.

You won’t be needing any visual assistance from your TV’ screen, as long as you follow our steps down below:

  1. Make sure your Firestick is up and running.
  2. Wait for the optimization message to appear.
  3. Wait for the “Finishing Updates” label to appear in the optimization.
  4. Once shown, unplug your Firestick from the HDMI but keep its power intact.
  5. Wait for 1-2 hours for the update to be applied.

This approach will trigger a force update, which hopefully will solve the optimization process issue.

We know it might take a while, but it is the only way to repair & update outdated or corrupted Firestick software.

Solution #5 Use Original Adapter

use original adapter

Users reported that using third-party cables or adapters for your Firestick might result in its inability to complete the optimization process.

In that regard, we suggest double-checking both the HDMI cable and the micro-USB to power adapter cables of your setup.

Make sure that these cables were the ones that came with the Firestick device itself.

If they have gone faulty recently or you no longer have access to them, contact Amazon for a proper replacement that will match the original cable’s functionality.

If everything is correct in regard to the wiring, then proceed with our final solution where you’ll learn how to reset Firestick to its factory default settings.

Solution #6 Reset Firestick

reset the firestick

If your Amazon Firestick keeps optimizing, we suggest resetting your Firestick to factory defaults.

This will erase all of its temporarily stored contents, but since you’re eligible to access any of the information due to the optimization screen, you can’t go wrong.

Here is how to reset your Firestick to factory default settings.

  1. Make sure your Firestick device is up and running.
  2. Press and hold the back key as well as the right navigation button.
  3. Hold both of the buttons for 10 seconds and wait for the reset prompt to appear.
  4. Tap on the “Okay” at the confirmation prompt to initiate the reset.
  5. Wait.

The process might take up to 20 minutes and during that time, your Firestick’s power must not be compromised.

Once the update is complete, check if there will be an optimization process and if yes, if it will complete.

In case the Firestick still fails to optimize, your last step would be to contact Amazon customer support and report your problem. With a little luck, the issue will be found and solved as soon as possible.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to resolve the optimization problem on your Firestick, try replugging the device and using a different HDMI port. Make sure you’re using the original wiring supplied from Amazon and try to update the device. If nothing works, reset the Firestick to factory defaults.

If your Amazon Fire stick keeps optimizing, after all of those troubleshooting approaches, perhaps the issue is occurring due to hardware fault.

To find out what’s happening you should report your issue to Amazon support and await their feedback.

We hope that this post was helpful and if you’re having any other issues with your Firestick, don’t hesitate to check our blog and discover the solution you need.

Nicole B