amana dryer won't stop running

Your Amana dryer won’t stop running even though the device typically turns off automatically when the cycle is over? In this guide we got everything covered so let’s jump right in!

The Amana dryer doesn’t stop running due to different factors, including a defective cycle timer, faulty door switch, clogged components, and many others.

To fix the dryer’s continuously running problem, you simply need to inspect and test the components!

Now let’s start troubleshooting your Amana dryer issue!

How To Fix When Amana Dryer Won’t Stop Running?

Tip: We strongly recommend following the steps in the order that they are listed!

1. Test The Door Switch

When the dryer door is closed, the switch activates the appliance, and when the door is opened, it stops the cycle.

If your dryer’s door switch is defective, it could be preventing it from sending the signal to the control board to end the cycle. Therefore, test the door switch.

test the door switch

Here is how to test the dryer door switch:

  1. Unplug the Aman dryer from the power outlet.
  2. Locate the door switch from the top machine.
  3. (Use Pliers) Disconnect the wires from the terminals.
  4. Use a Multimeter to test the door switch for Continuity
  5. Connect the probes to the two wires from the switch.
  6. With the door open, tap on the switch button with your finger. 
  7. Then check the Continuity on the Multimeter.

If there is continuity when you pressed the switch, then the switch has no fault.

In case the multimeter does not show continuity when pressed in, replace the door switch.

2. Clean The Dryer Venting System

The dryer must have good airflow to function effectively, as less airflow leads to longer drying sessions and the dryer running for longer.

That’s why it is always recommended to deeply clean the venting system of the dryer every year, even (if possible) with professional help.

  • Cleaning of the dryer venting system includes cleaning of vents and ducts!
clean the dryer venting system

Here is how to clean the Amana dryer venting system:

  1. Unplug the Aman dryer from the outlet.
  2. Find out the dryer vent from the inside.
  3. Take a vacuum and remove all lint and debris.
  4. Make sure to cover both sides of the duct.
  5. Next, disconnect the exhaust hood vent.
  6. Again, take a vacuum and clean the vent.
Info: It’s important to clean the place where the vent attaches to the hood.

3. Check The Blower Wheel

It is crucial to check and remove any buildup of lint and other obstructions from the blower wheel.

As the dryer’s blower wheel draws air from the vents, over time as the lint or debris passes through the lint filter, it will clog the blower wheel.

Quick Fact: The Aman dryer may operate slower as the drying process becomes harder when the wheel becomes loose or wears out its sleeve. 
check the blower wheel

Here is how to check the Aman dryer blower wheel:

  1. Turn off the power to the Amana dryer. 
  2. Locate the blower wheel behind the front panel.
  3. Tip: Take help from the product’s user manual.
  4. Check the blower wheel for any physical damage.
  5. Look out for cracks and obstruction or wrapping. 
  6. Check to see if the wheels move freely.
  7. Test whether the blower wheel wobbles or don’t move.
  8. When ready, reassemble the front panel of the dryer.
  9. Turn on the dryer power and run a test cycle to check.
Note: Be gentle with all of the components to avoid damaging or impacting any parts!

4. Unclog The Dryer’s Lint Filter

unclog the dryer's lint filter

It is obvious that you also need to clean the Amana dryer lint filter after clearing the blower wheel.

Since the lint filter often gets clogged due to the residue of dryer sheets and fabric softener that will completely or partially restrict the airflow in the machine.

Note: Always clean the dryer lint filter after every use!

Here is how to unclog the Amana dryer lint filter:

  1. Find the lint filter from the door of your dryer.
  2. Disconnect the trap from the dryer.
  3. Using your finger clean the lint filter.
  4. Use a mix of water and detergent to remove the lint properly.
  5. Then, simply dry the lint filter using a vacuum.

When you’re ready test whether the Amana dryer will stop running after the cycle!

5. Clean Moisture Sensor Bars

clean the moisture sensor bars

The Amana dryer board uses moisture sensor bars to measure the level of dampness in the clothing.

Keep in mind that dryer sheet residue affects both the lint filter and the bars, which will lead it to wrongly predict the dampness level.

The Solution?

  • Inspect the sensor bars for buildup or damage!

Here is how to clean the Amana dryer moisture sensor bars:

  1. Unplug the dryer from the power and open the door.
  2. Locate the moisture sensor bars inside the dryer drum
  3. Clean the moisture sensor bars using a soft cloth.
  4. Remove any fabric softener residue or other debris. 
  5. Allow the moisture sensor bars to dry completely.
  6. Also, check the bars for any damage, such as cracks. 
  7. If you detect bars defective or cracked, replace them.
  8. Close the dryer door and turn on the dryer power
Tip: In addition, plug your Amana dryer into a different outlet just to exclude the possibility of a power fluctuations with the current electrical source.

6. Test The Dryer Timer Motor 

test the dryer timer motor

The Amana dryer timer rotates to the off position when you run and start a cycle.

In most cases, when the dryer timer motor gets defective or obstructed, it won’t rotate and move toward the off position, and maybe that is why the Amana dryer timer not stopping.

Here is how to test the Amana dryer timer motor:

  1. Turn off the Amana dryer from the power.
  2. Locate the top of the panel with the numbering.
  3. Unscrew the dryer top panel using a Philips screwdriver.
  4. Locate the dryer timer motor inside the appliance.
  5. Disconnect the wires from the timer using pliers.
  6. Then, remove the wires from the timer. 
  7. Test the motor using a Multimeter for Continuity.

The Results?

  • If the reading is between 2000 to 3000, the timer motor is working fine
  • In case you see a different reading, then the motor has to be replaced

7. Inspect The Heating Element

inspect the heating element

It rarely happens that the heating element in your Amana dryer has some issues.

In a dryer, airflow is heated to dry the clothes, so if either the heating element or any coil stops working, then the dryer will detect wet clothes and increase the cycle run time.

  • Check the dryer heating element to know if there is any issue with the coils!

Here is how to inspect the Amana dryer heating element:

  1. Unplug your dryer from the power.
  2. Unscrew the back panel of your dryer.
  3. Tip: Note down the wire’s orientation.
  4. Remove the wires from the right-side panel of the dryer.
  5. Next, locate the heating element inside the dryer.
  6. Take out the heating element from the dryer.

Inspect the component for any visible defects, and if possible, test for Continuity using a Multimeter.

In case that’s not possible, seek professional assistance for more help!

8. Replace The Dryer Control Board

replace the dryer control board

The control board of your dryer may be malfunctioning if you have already checked all of the components.

The control board is the brain and is responsible for regulating all dryer activities, so when the PCB gets defective, it will impact the dryer’s functionality.

Here is how to inspect the Amana dryer control board:

  1. Switch off the Amana dryer power supply.
  2. Unscrew the control panel cover from the appliance.
  3. Next, gently lift the cover off the dryer.
  4. Clean the dryer control board using a soft dry cloth.
  5. Make sure to not touch any of the electronic components! 
  6. Check for blown capacitors or other burnt areas.

At this point, you can bring the standalone PCB to the service or consult with a technician for all-in-one repair.

However, our suggestion would be to reach out to Amana Support for further assistance, and don’t forget to share what you’ve already tried in this guide!

Quick Recap:

To fix when the Amana dryer won’t stop running, test the door switch, and timer, and clean the lint filter, blower wheel, moisture sensor, and its bars.

In case that doesn’t help inspect the heating element and dryer control board in order to draw a conclusion!

Nicole B