wyze plug not connecting to wifi

Wondering why is Wyze Plug not connecting to WiFi? Keep reading!

The Wyze Plug is a smart device that plugs into a source and allows us to remotely turn on/off the outlet devices from the Wyze app.

The problem begins when it cannot connect to WiFi and cannot operate because it requires the network to function normally.

Let’s learn more!

When your Wyze Plug is not connecting to WiFi the reason could be 5Ghz Network Frequency, slow WiFi speeds, and disabled Location Permission. The solution for the problem requires a network inspection and addressing Wyze Plug bugs!

Let’s learn more about the Wyze plug connectivity problem and solutions in detail!

Why Wyze Plug Can’t Connect To WiFi?

why my wyze plug not connecting to wifi

If you have a Wyze Plug and can’t connect to the WiFi, you need to inspect your internet connection first.

The best way to approach the problem is to test whether our WiFi is currently online by connecting a secondary device such as our smartphone!

In the meantime, here’s what could be preventing the Wyze Plug from connecting:

  • Faulty Plug Power Socket
  • 5GHz WiFi Frequency 
  • Insufficient Device Range
  • Network Interference 
  • Outdated Wyze App
  • Wrong WiFi Password

It’s important to remember that even when our WiFi is there, and we connect without a problem, there still could be no internet.

Justify this by attempting to stream content or surf online with your smartphone to make sure that your internet is not the culprit.

In case nothing helps, jump into the solution guide!

How To Fix When Wyze Plug Not Connecting To WiFi?

how fix wyze plug not connecting

The solution only takes a few minutes when your Wyze Plug is not connecting to WiFi.

Take your time to read the guide below and solve the problem in no time. Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Setup Wyze Plug (Correctly)

The very first step should be to re-attempt to connect the Wyze Plug to the WiFi but this time, make sure to follow the correct guide.

Let’s learn how the setup should be carried out.

Here is how to set up the Wyze Plug to the Wyze app:

  1. Open the Wyze application. 
  2. Go to Home/Account, and tap on Add Device. 
  3. Select Power & Lightning > Wyze Plug. 
  4. Plug the Wyze plug into the outlet. 
  5. Tap Next from the Wyze app. 
  6. Choose your home WiFi and enter the password.
  7. Tap Next to proceed.
  8. Enter your Wyze Plug Name
  9. Tap Finish to complete the setup. 

This is the correct way to install and set up a Wyze Plug. We’ll use this step tutorial to set up the Wyze Plug after further attempting other solutions in the guide!

In case the problem persists, jump to the next solution!

Solution #2 Power Cycle Wyze Plug!

power cycle the plug

Something that can help your Wyze Plug connect to the WiFi is the Power Circulation

This is the method of turning OFF/ON something with extra steps involving the part where we wait for the device to discharge.

This is how to properly refresh your Wyze Plug.

Here is how to power cycle the Wyze Plug:

  1. Unplug the Wyze Plug from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds for the device to discharge.
  3. Connect the Wyze Plug back into the power.

If there is no blue blinking light on the Wyze Plug then there is a high chance that your power outlet is faulty.

Use another power source throughout the rest of the guide!

Solution #3 Change Channel To 2.4GHz

change channel to 2.4ghz

Wyze Plug needs a strong connection and won’t connect to a 5GHz network frequency.

It’s not supported, and  Wyze Plug can only pair with a 2.4GHz frequency thread of your network. 

In case you don’t know your Wifi Frequency, then:

  • Go to mobile Settings > Wifi > Your Wifi > Network Frequency.

Switch From 5Ghz > 2.4Ghz WiFi Frequency:

  1. Connect your PC/Laptop to the router (WiFi or Ethernet).
  2. Insert “” into your online browser.
  3. Sign in via Admin/Admin or Admin/Password.
  4. Tap on Wireless Settings > Advanced Wireless Settings.
  5. Tap on Edit to change the WiFi Frequency.
  6. Choose a 2.4GHz channel. 
  7. Click on Save Settings

Your Wyze Plug should now be able to connect to the WiFi.

You should see a blinking blue light, which means you can use Solution #1 to connect the Wyze Plug to the 2.4Ghz WiFi.

Tip: Dualband routers can have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz online at the same time!

Solution #4 Clear WiFi Signals Intrusion

clear the wifi intrusion

Sometimes when a device won’t connect to the WiFi the culprit is signal interference

Such interference could be an overloaded network, slow internet connection, bad WiFi signal, and external devices contributing to the problem.

Luckily you can address everything at once by considering some important actions.

Here is how you can clear any interference on your network:

  1. Stop Downloading/Uploading on WiFi devices.
  2. Disable VPN Software (App or Browser Extention).
  3. Turn OFF the Cellular Data on your Mobile Device.
  4. Turn OFF WiFi Adapters and Bluetooth Devices.
  5. Disconnect ALL devices from the Wyze Plug’s WiFi.

Many other devices may also cause interference, including smart sound systems, video systems, remote control devices, etc. 

Solution #5 Move Plug Closer To WiFi

move closer to the  wifi

If your Wyze Plug is still not connecting to your WiFi after trying the above solutions, then your device is set up too far from the router.

Picture your router’s transmissions, such as an umbrella, to determine whether your Wyze Plug is in-range.

The optimal distance between the Wyze Plug and Network Router is 10 feet!

To justify this theory, relocate your Wyze Plug in the router’s room and test connecting to the WiFi with the Wyze application.

In case you can now connect, the problem is simply due to the distance between both devices. 

Tip: To extend your WiFi signal, you can use a WiFi Booster/Extender!

Solution #6 Provide Location Permission!

provide the location permission

When installing the Wyze application it’s important to allow Location Permission.

Without the location access, the Wyze Plug might not be able to connect to your WiFi due to IP conflicts.

  • You can manually enable the Location Permission on iPhone/Android devices!

Here is how you can enable Wyze app Location Permissions!

  1. Go to your mobile Settings
  2. Look for Application Management.
  3. On iPhone, scroll down and tap on the Wyze app.
  4. Tap on the Wyze from the list the installed applications. 
  5. Toggle Location & Bluetooth access to Always/Enabled

When ready, open the Wyze app and connect your Wyze Plug to the power outlet.

Then scroll up and use Solution #1 to complete the setup process and connect to the WiFi. 

Solution #7 Factory Reset Plug

factory reset the plug

If all the above solutions did not work and your Wyze Plug is still not connecting to WiFi, then it’s time to perform a Factory Reset.

This is the ultimate solution that will revert your Wyze Plug to the default state and allow you to start fresh.

Alert: A factory reset will remove ALL saved Wyze Plug settings from the app!

Here is how to perform a Factory Reset on the Wyze Plug:

  1. Connect the Wyze Plug to a power source!
  2. Press and hold the Power button from the left side of the plug. 
  3. Keep pressing until the blue status light blinks! 
  4. Set up your Wyze Plug to the Wyze app by following Solution #1.

When your Wyze Plug has been reset, and it’s fresh for connection, we only need to attempt one last time.

If the connection fails, perhaps you might use professional help!

Wyze Plug Still Not Connecting to WiFi?

wyze plug still not connecting

In case you’ve attempted everything in this guide but nothing helped, then you need to contact Wyze Support for more help.

Share what you’ve already tried to save time. Good Luck!

Quick Recap:

Thus, if your Wyze plug is not connecting to WiFi we need to switch to a 2.4GHz WiF Network Frequency and boost the connection speed. It’s also important to allow the Location Permissions and perform a Factory Reset on the Wyze Plug as a last resort.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have covered why the Wyze plug not connecting to WiFi and how to tackle this connectivity problem.

The most important aspect we’ve learned is that our network is often the culprit to the Wyze Plug WiFi connectivity.

Nicole B