wyze plug keeps going offline

Wondering why the Wyze Plug keeps going offline? Keep reading! 

The Wyze Plug is a smart device that is controllable easily via the Wyze app but it requires a proper power supply to be able to work.

Many Wyze Plug users started to notice that the plug is showing offline in the Wyze app without proper reasoning.

The solution only takes 1 minute!

When the Wyze Plug goes offline, some of the reasons include bad power sockets, weak network strength, and unsupported network frequency. The solution requires us to reconnect the Wyze Plug and thoroughly inspect our Network/WiFi equipment.

Let’s discuss more why the Wyze Plug appears “offline”!

Why Is My Wyze Outlet Offline?

why my wyze plug keeps going offline

If you have set up a Wyze Plug at your home, but it is showing offline on the Wyze app, then this is happening mainly because of your network.

This is why your WiFi/Internet will be our primary suspect but we’ll also pay attention to other fundamental causes.

Here is what could be preventing your Wyze Plug from being online!

  • Faulty Wyze Plug Power Outlet 
  • Too much distance between both devices!
  • Unsupported Network/WiFi Frequency
  • Slow or No Internet Connection
  • Incorrect WiFi Connection Password

These are why your Wyze Plug shows as “offline” and the solution only requires a few simple steps.

To be able to address ALL possibilities, follow the solution guide below!

How To Fix When Wyze Plug Keeps Going Offline?

how fix wyze plug

If your Wyze Plug is showing offline in the Wyze app, then that indicates the problem either from the network or a socket.

Let’s learn how to take the Wyze plug back online in quick steps!

Note: Test whether your home network (WiFi) is working on the mobile device!

Solution#1 Hard-Reset Wyze Plug!

The very first step you need to take is to hard reset the Wyze Plug.

This is important because maybe the power socket is working fine, but a glitch within the plug causes the fuss! 

The hard reset will reset ALL processes and services on your Wyze Plug!

Here is how you can perform a hard reset on the Wyze Plug:

  1. Disconnect the Wyze Plug from the Power Socket.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds
  3. Plug back the device into the power socket.
  4. Wait for a Blue Blinking Light

The blinking blue light is a prime indication that the device is receiving power and it’s ready to connect with the app.

In case this method didn’t help, jump to the next solution!

Note: Waiting for longer with the Wyze Plug disconnected, provides power circulation!

Solution #2 Inspect Network Connection!

inspect router connection

As you already know, for proper communication between the Wyze Plug and Wyze app, a good network connection is mandatory.

There may be a chance that the Wyze Plug is not properly connected, and that’s why it is continuously going offline.

Here’s what could be wrong with your network setup:

  • No Internet Connection
  • Weak WiFi Strenght
  • Overwhelmed WiFi

The combined solution to address ALL possibilities is to perform a restart on the router!

How To Power Cycle Network Router?

Here is how you can power cycle your WiFi Router:

  1. Unplug the router from the power outlet. 
  2. Disconnect the Main Internet Cable.
  3. Wait for at least 60 seconds
  4. Re-connect the internet cable!
  5. Plug the router back into the outlet. 
Tip: Boost your WiFi speed by disconnecting other devices from the network!

Solution #3 Update Wyze Plug Firmware!

update the wyze firmware

It is proven that Wyze devices face connectivity problems because of Outdated Firmware

With time the Wyze Plug might have skipped a number of updates and in turn, after a while, all kinds of issues start to occur.

If you haven’t updated the Wyze Plug firmware yet, let’s do it together! 

Here is how you can update Wyze Plug firmware:

  1. Open the Wyze app. 
  2. Go to the Account tab from the bottom right corner. 
  3. Click on the Firmware Update button. 
  4. Select your Wyze plug from the list of devices. 
  5. Tap on the Update button to start the process.
  6. Within a couple of minutes, your Wyze Plug will be updated.

When you’re ready, open the Wyze app, and check whether the Wyze plug is online or still offline.

In case the device is still experiencing the problem, jump to the next solution!

Note: In the Account tab, the Firmware Version should say “Up To Date”.

Solution #4 Add Timer To Wyze Plug

add timer to plug

Sometimes the Wyze Plugs lose connectivity after 72 hours because of continuous usage.

That’s why giving a plug break for 5 minutes every day is necessary. This way, the plug will never go offline except when we’ve scheduled the break.

Note: Don't worry timers are yet affordable!

You can purchase an outlet timer and configure the device to turn OFF your Wyze Plug for at least 5 minutes daily.

This will automatically refresh the connectivity and allow your Wyze Plug to cool down daily. This will avoid connection problems!

Tip: If you don’t want to spend money, manually reconnect your Wyze Plug daily!

Solution #5 Factory Reset Wyze Plug

factory reset wyze plug

Sometimes our Wyze Plug would refuse to go online, no matter what we attempt.

This is why we will use the Factory Reset method, which will give us a fresh start.

Alert: The Factory Reset, permanently removes ALL saved Wyze Plug settings!

Here is how you can Factory Reset the Wyze plug settings:

  1. Hook up the Wyze Plug to a power outlet. 
  2. Press and hold the Power button from the left side panel. 
  3. Release when you see the Blue Light Blinking.
  4. Restart the Wyze application.
  5. Now set up the Wyze plug into the app. 

In case you’re concerned that you’re setting up the Wyze Plug wrong, read what’s next!

Solution #6 Re-Setup Wyze Plug

reset up the wyze plug

If all the above troubleshooting methods won’t work and your Wyze Plug is still showing offline, then we need to start over.

Sometimes all we need to do is pay close attention to the setup process and ensure we’re doing everything correctly on our side!

Note: Check again, whether your mobile is connected to a good internet connection!

Here is how to set up your Wyze plug to the Wyze app:

  1. Open the Wyze app
  2. Navigate to Account from the bottom right corner. 
  3. Tap on Add Device. 
  4. Go to Power & Lightning and select Wyze Plug. 
  5. Insert the Wyze plug into the power outlet.
  6. Select your Home WiFi.
  7. Enter the Wyze plug name
  8. Tap Finish to complete the setup.

This is the correct way to set up a Wyze Plug. In case the issue persists, there is one more thing that we can do.

Let’s proceed further.

Solution #7 Reinstall Wyze App

reinstall the wyze app

When the Wyze Plug Offline Issue continues to appear, we also need to look at the Wyze application.

Sometimes our device might be connected, but the offline problem is coming from the app.

This is why we’ll address this possibility by performing a clean reinstallation.

Simply Uninstall > Download > Install the Wyze App cleanly on your device!

This will not only provide us with a fresh start but also clear the cache data of the Wyze application, which could be the culprit from the start.

When you’re ready, sign into your Wyze account and use Solution #6 to re-attempt the pairing. 

If the problem continues to appear, we might need professional assistance!

Why Not Ask Wyze For Help?

ask wyze for help

When the problem doesn’t go away, contact Wyze Customer Support right away.

Then report the issue you’re experiencing and what you’ve already tried in this guide.

Their professional team will then assist you in resolving your Wyze Plug connectivity problem. 

Note: Perhaps now is your chance to receive a warranty replacement Wyze Plug!

Quick Recap:

Thus, whenever your Wyze plug shows “offline” in the Wyze app, perform a hard reset and refresh your internet connection (WiFi). In addition, ensure that both your Wyze Plug OS and mobile application are up to date. As a last resort, Factory Reset the plug!

Wrapping Up!

In this guide, we have thoroughly covered why the Wyze plug keeps going offline and what are the possible solutions to fix this connectivity problem.

We’ve learned that our WiFi is the most important factor, and when the internet is down, we Wyze Plug will be offline!

Looking for Power Outlet Timer?

To restart your Wyze Plug automatically every day, we recommend getting the BN-BLINK 7 Outlet Timer.

The device will refresh the plug’s connection daily, keeping you away from connectivity blunders that appear after long usage!

Nicole B