why does my roku randomly restart

If you’re part of the demographic constantly asking, why does my Roku randomly restart, you’re just where you need to be.

In this tutorial, we will be providing you with a guide that is complete and comprehensive that you don’t even need another source.

Several things may cause your Roku to restart randomly, and we’ll tackle that one, too.

The instantaneous rebooting of your Roku could be caused by a lot of things. To fix it, ensure that the power supply is still good and functional. Then, check if you’re connected to a reliable and stable internet network. Keep the software of your Roku up-to-date and perform a factory reset if deemed necessary.

Before assuming the worst, though, let’s go over the few possible culprits that could be causing you this headache.

Reasons Why Your Roku Keeps Restarting

When you have a Roku device that keeps restarting randomly, the issue could stem from one or multiple things.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to at least have some knowledge of the possible causes. That way, you won’t be trying to apply fixes to problems you don’t understand.

Here are a few things that might cause your Roku to keep restarting at random.


When it comes to any piece of hardware or software, bugs are always present in some way, shape, or form.

Out of all the potential causes, bugs are probably the most difficult to solve because it is often up to the developers.

Outdated Firmware

Having outdated firmware is on the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum compared to bugs.

The reason for this is that you can directly control what firmware you have and fix it yourself, as opposed to relying on the developers to roll out an update that does it for you.

Lack of Device Support

Sometimes, developers cut support for older devices, especially if they regularly create and release new devices.

It may seem unfair of them to cut support for their older devices, but it makes sense when you consider that they want people to purchase their new devices instead of sticking with the old ones.


One other hardware issue to keep in mind is potential overheating.

Overheating primarily happens to Roku devices when they see a lot of frequent use or are in areas that lack efficient airflow to keep the devices cool.

Now that you know a few things that may cause your Roku device to restart randomly, let’s get into the process of how you can fix it by approaching it comprehensively.

Why Does My Roku Randomly Restart? – Complete Fix Steps

roku randomly restart

Step #1: Make Sure Your Power Supply Has Not Gone Bad

Your Roku needs a steady source of power to keep itself always running correctly.

Because of this, having an insufficient power supply can certainly cause your device to reset, along with creating other random problems.

Pro Tip: Use a Roku wall power supply for the best performance possible.

If you use a Roku Streaming Stick via a TV USB port, the lack of power is likely an issue on your TV’s end.

Check the power cable and make sure that it’s connected and plugged in properly.

Step #2: Update Your Roku

Updating your Roku is a fix that might seem like a no-brainer. However, if you own many devices that are all frequently getting updates, it’s easy to forget about doing so.

Typically, you will get a notification for any new updates on Roku.

If in the event you don’t see any update notifications, follow the below steps to update your device manually:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings in the Home Menu and press Select.
  3. Then, scroll down until you see System in the settings menu and select it.
  4. Select System Update at the top of the following menu.

Note: If a system update is available, your Roku will automatically perform the update.

You don’t need to do anything else. Otherwise, it wouldn’t show a button to update.

Step #3: Ensure Your Network Connection Is Stable

fix roku randomly restart

Your network connection plays a significant role in your Roku’s overall ability to function, so having a poor connection may lead to random restarts.

If you have a lot of devices in your house running on the same Wi-Fi that your Roku is on, they may be part of the issue if you do not have enough bandwidth to sustain them all.

To test this, turn off all other devices that use Wi-Fi and see how your Roku performs. If it performs well, then a lack of bandwidth is likely the cause of the random restarts.

Note: If your Roku continues to restart at random, even with the other devices being off, check your Wi-Fi signal with your phone to see its strength.

Step #4: Test Your HDMI Cables

You use HDMI cables to connect your Roku to your TV. So, if you’re experiencing a bad connection, then the cables could quite possibly be bad.

The simplest way to determine whether an HDMI cable is faulty or not is by swapping out your current one for one that you know works.

If you don’t have a spare HDMI cable on hand, buy a new one and use that to test your Roku.

NOTE: If the new HDMI cable yields the same results as the old one, then your Roku device’s restarting is possibly due to the USB port being bad and not the HDMI cable itself.

Step #5: Factory Reset

If you exhaust all the solutions you can find, including the ones above, the last fix you’ll want to attempt is a factory reset.

However, only do this if you have tried many other fixes first and are alright with resetting your Roku device completely.

A factory reset will delete your user data and any settings you tweaked on your device, meaning that you will need to redo all customization.

To perform a factory reset, follow the steps below:

  1. Press [HOME] on your Roku remote.
  2. Then, go to Settings > System.
  3. Once there, navigate to Advanced System Settings in the System Menu.
  4. Choose Factory Reset at the top of the menu.

NOTE: You have to enter the code displayed beneath the number pad before pressing OK to confirm the reset.

My Roku Still Restarts Randomly, What Should I Do?

If the problem is persistent even after following the guide we gave you in full detail, contact Roku’s customer support team. It might already be an issue with the device, which is an irreversible problem.

The only way around it is by having it replaced. So, inform them of everything you’ve done and experienced and they’ll give their best to assist you.

To fix the sudden restarts of your Roku, make sure that your power supply and HDMI cables are working and functioning properly. Then, update the version of your Roku and make sure that the internet connection is stable.

Factory reset it to conclude the process.

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Final Verdict

Now, hopefully, you know the answer to the question, “why does my Roku randomly restart?”

While there is a chance that the methods provided in this piece may not solve the issues you are having with your Roku, there is a much greater chance that one of them will do the trick!

In fact, many Roku users found success after they deliberately followed the methods and steps we outlined above.

Be sure to go through each step one at a time without any miss. Rest assured that you wouldn’t need any other guide to complement what we have here.

Nicole B