vending machine card reader not working

Wondering why is the Vending Machine Card Reader not working? We’ll keep it simple!

The Card Reader on a vending machine will not work when the Product Slots are empty or there is no more receipt paper.

Another possibility would be when the Card Reader is dirty and not able to operate normally. Lastly, we can also suspect the Firmware Version of the machine!

To fix a Vending Card Reader we need to address ALL other possibilities such as product availability, receipt paper, and the machine’s firmware version. When the problem is persistent we can easily reset the Card Reader to solve the problem!

Let’s next learn the ALL reasons why the Card Reader is not working!

Why Credit Card Reader Not Working Vending Machine?

credit card reader not working

Before we move on with the essential resolution to this problem, we should clarify what could go wrong with the vending machine’s card reader.

The issues in most cases vary from bank account problems to physical issues with the card reader itself.

Here is why the vending machine’s card reader may refuse to work:

  • Outdated Card Reader Firmware
  • Financial Account Issues
  • Empty Product Slots
  • No Receipt Paper
  • Dirty Card Reader

No matter where the problem is coming from, next we’ll learn how to solve the issue!

Vending Machine Card Reader Not Working – Fixed!

It’s important to note that in order to achieve the best results with troubleshooting, you must follow the chronological order of our fixes and solutions.

how to fix vending machine

In addition, make sure to test whether the card reader is working after attempting each of the solutions below. Good Luck!

Here’s how to fix a vending machine’s card reader in easy steps:

Solution #1 Refill the Product Slots

One of the most common reasons that the card reader will refuse to work is if there are empty slots.

If a user has ordered a specific product that is usually available in the vending machine, but its slots are currently empty, the card reader will deny the payment and spit the card back.

Refill the vending machine with all of the products that are available on its system!

All of the products that could be ordered through the vending machine’s display must be available in the slots.

This is the only way to verify that the card reader will accept the payment and that the vending machine will give the user the product they ordered.

Note: In addition, make sure that you have not messed up with the products’ positioning!

Solution #2 Refill the Receipt Printer

refill the receipt printer

One of the reasons that the vending machine’s card reader will refuse to work is if the device has run out of receipt paper.

If it cannot fulfill the transaction and have its details written on a receipt, the user’s Credit/Debit Card will be denied until the receipt printer is reloaded.

Here’s how to refill the receipt printer of the vending machine:

  1. Unlock the vending machine’s front panel.
  2. Locate the old receipt paper roll.
  3. Press the green button which will release the paper roll and roll it all the way.
  4. Pull the green handle toward you to free the paper roll.
  5. Remove the old paper roll from the vending machine.
  6. Insert the new paper roll.
  7. Close the green release switch to lock in the paper roll.
  8. Install the front panel of the vending machine and lock it.
Note: Some vending machines will indicate a successful receipt printer reload by printing.

Solution #3 Clean the Card Reader

clean the card reader

If the receipt printer wasn’t responsible for the inactive card reader, then you should make sure that the card reader is clean.

It may be unable to read the user’s cards as a result of dust or debris inside the swiping mechanism. The best way to resolve that is to clean the reader.

Here’s how to clean the vending machine’s card reader in easy steps:

  1. Get a premade Cleaning Card with waffle technology for the card reader.
  2. Insert the cleaning cloth into the vending machine’s card reader.
  3. Continuously wipe the cloth inside of the card reader.
  4. Turn the cloth the other way around and swipe a couple more times.

Keep in mind that if garbage/dust keeps coming out of the swiping mechanism, you may need to use one more cleaning card.

Ensure that the card reader leaves no dust on the cleaning card.

Note: Vending Card Cleaners come at about the $20 - $30 range!

Solution #4 Fix Issues with the Bank Account

fix issues with bank account

The funds that users pay with through the vending machine will be redirected to a bank account of yours.

If there’s an issue with the financial account, the card reader will not accept the Credit/Debit Cards that are being inserted and probably notify the user of a problem!

We need to make sure that the financial account is not blocked or suspended.

Here’s what to do to fix issues with your bank account:

  • Ensure that all funds are being redirected to the Payable Account
  • Check if your account has been put on hold or was restricted
  • Contact your bank for additional assistance with the Payable Account

Keep in mind that most of the funds that will access your account will undergo a conversion.

If a foreigner uses a vending machine that has alternative funds rather than U.S dollars, a problem could occur.

You should get in touch with your bank to detail that situation.

Alert: You shouldn’t set a limit to your bank account’s funds in any way!

Solution #5 Update Vending Machine Firmware

update the machine firmware

Yes, it is possible to update the firmware of the vending machine. For that purpose, you will need a USB drive created by your supplier, that contains the latest version for the vending machine.

To acquire that USB drive, you must get in touch with the manufacturer and make a request.

You will probably need to bring them a USB drive to upload the firmware beforehand.

Once you have the flash drive containing the latest firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Get the vending machine key and unlock the front panel.
  2. Open the vending machine’s panel and locate the USB flash drives.
  3. Press the Power Switch to kill the power to the vending machine.
  4. Plug the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports.
  5. Toggle the power of the vending machine.
  6. Wait for the firmware to be uploaded.

You will know that the vending machine has detected the update and is working on it as soon as the display lights up with the Update Script.

Wait for the update to be finished and unplug the USB flash drive from the port inside of the vending machine.

Note: Keep in mind that this only works with smart vending machines equipped with a display.

Solution #6 Reset the Card Reader/Vending Machine

reset the vending machine

In this solution, we will explain how to reset vending machine card reader.

If there’s a software bug with the card reader, it will refuse to accept any form of Debit or Credit Card or will deny access until further notice.

If that happens, it’s time to reset the card reader of your machine.

The most common card reader system (Nayax), uses this simple method for a reset:

  1. On the vending machine, locate the two upper black buttons.
  2. Hold them down to force the system to reboot (otherwise open the vending machine and find the power switch).
  3. Once the system shuts off, press and hold the two bottom buttons.
  4. The buttons are Red and Yellow.
  5. Wait for the vending machine system to undergo a complete factory reset.

This will also cause the vending machine to reset and not only the card reader.

The prices and the products inside the vending machine will not be impacted in any way after the reset.

Note: While the vending machine is resetting, make sure not to interact with the device!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Card Reader on a vending machine won’t work when the ordered Product Slots are empty or there is not enough receipt paper for the operation. To prevent such problems users need to regularly clean the Card Reader and perform a reset in case the issue is persistent.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why vending machine Card Reader not working and what the solution includes, we’re ready to solve the problem.

In case the Card Reader issues persist even after our guide, then more help can be acquired by the supplier. Good Luck!

We strongly recommend getting high-quality Acceptor Cleaning Cards, to help you regularly clean the Card Reader without much effort.

Simply follow Solution #3 using the cleaning cards to keep the vending machine intact and your customers happy.

Nicole B