ps5 controller button not working

In case there is a PS5 controller button not working there could be quite a few reasons behind this problem.

The solution usually depends on whether there is only one button that is not working or an entire group of buttons.

To resolve a non-working PS5 controller button, start by inspecting the button closely for any obstructions. Then, re-add the controller to the console, update its firmware, and if the issue persists, consider performing a factory reset on the controller.

Now when you’ve got a basic understanding of what the solution includes, let’s jump right into the solutions.

How To Fix PS5 Controller Buttons Not Working?

fix ps5 controller button not working

It’s important to understand whether only one button is not working or the entire controller.

You can quickly identify if the controller is actually hooked up to the console by checking whether the LED lights around the touchpad are lit.

In case they aren’t, then there is no power reaching the controller and you should start from method #1.

Note: In case the LEDs on your controller are lit, jump to method #3.

Method #1 Charge PS5 Controller

There are different ways to charge your PS5 controller. You can either use the original USB-C cable or use any other suitable cable from other electronics.

However, we should mention that your controller also charges when it’s plugged into the console via the USB-C cable.

The safest way to proceed is to plug the controller into a standalone wall outlet and allow the device to charge for about 20 minutes.

This way you will immediately exclude the possibility of a power insufficiently and you proceed with further troubleshooting.

Note: Your PS5 controller LEDs should be lit up, as an indication that the charging is successful.

Method #2 Repair PS5 Controller

repair ps5 controller

Once your PS5 controller has some juice, it’s time to start focusing on more important factors in regard to the non-working buttons.

Sometimes the problem with a certain button or a group of buttons could be caused due to inappropriate pairing or signal loss.

Here is how to re-add your PS5 controller to the console:

  1. Press the PS button and go to the Accessories section.
  2. Locate your PS5 controller and turn it OFF.
  3. Connect/reconnect the PS5 controller using a USB-C cable.
  4. Press the PS button in the middle of the controller.
  5. The LED indicator should light up.
  6. Test the non-working buttons.
Note: Using more than 4 controllers at the same time will result in disconnecting one of the previously connected ones.

Method #3 Reboot/Discharge PS5 Console

discharge ps5 console

Now that you’ve re-added the device but the PS5 controller button not working, then it’s time to focus on the console itself.

Something could have gone wrong during the startup of your PS5, resulting in a problem with certain buttons.

This could also happen due to an open application that engages a certain group of buttons and via restart, you will kill these processes.

Here is how to restart and discharge your PS5:

  1. Turn OFF the console using your controller or by holding the power button.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait no less than 5 minutes to allow the device to discharge.
  4. Connect the power cable to the wall outlet.
  5. Turn ON your console.
  6. Test.

After the power cycle, you won’t need to repair your controller back to the PS5. Simply test whether the non-working buttons are now active.

Tip: Check for any obstacles that could be preventing the controller's signal from reaching the PS5 front receiver.

Method #4 Inspect/Clean The Non-Working Button/s

clean non-working button

Before we proceed with the big-gun solutions, it’s time to thoroughly inspect the button/s that are not working.

Maybe something went inside preventing the button from contacting, therefore not working.

While your PS5 is working, press the non-working button a few times harder, and check whether it is going all the way down. 

Try to spot any objects in between the button’s enclosure and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. Apply mild force to identify if the button will work when pressed harder.

In addition, you attempt to remove any dust, for cases where the analog sticks don’t click or move properly.

Use a soft cloth with any dust from the base of the buttons on your controller and attempt pressing the harder to see if they will work.

Note: Button incidents as a result of a drop or liquid damage, are often irreversible at home.

Method #5 Update PS5 Controller

Just like any other device, the PS5 controller has a piece of software responsible for communicating with the console.

Luckily there is a way to update the software and possibly solve the problem in minutes!

Here is how to update your PS5 controller:

  1. Turn ON your PS5 console.
  2. Connect the DualSense PS5 controller to the console via USB-C.
  3. Go to the Settings.
  4. Choose Accessories.
  5. Pick Controllers, then Wireless Controller Device Software.
  6. The console will start searching and applying any new firmware updates.
Note: It’s recommended to perform a restart on both the PS5 controller and console after the update is ready.

Method #6 Reset PS5 Controller

reset controller

If you haven’t dropped your PS5 controller or no liquids went inside, then it’s worth trying to fix the problem by resetting the entire controller.

The operation is simple but you should know that this is a factory reset and any keybinding and settings made to this controller will be gone.

Here is how to reset your PS5 controller:

  1. Turn OFF the PS5 console using the power button.
  2. Take your PS5 controller and turn it upside down.
  3. On the back panel, near the bottom end, there is a small home.
  4. Use a needle or a paper clip to reach inside and press the reset button.
  5. Hold the reset button for about 5-6 seconds, then release.

That’s it. Your PS5 controller is now reset.

The only thing to do after the reset would be to turn on your console and use method #2 to pair the controller back to the console. Once ready, test.

Note: Resetting the controller will not erase in-game control settings!

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Last Thoughts:

Thus, to fix a non-working PS5 controller button, begin with charging the controller for 20 minutes, re-adding it to the console, and updating the joystick’s firmware. To conclude you should restart the entire console and factory reset the controller.

Nicole B