philo not loading on roku

When Philo not loading on Roku, the problem is most likely with the internet connection of your Roku TV.

Solving issues with any applications on Roku is relatively easy, only after you make sure that your internet connection is working.

Most of the applications you will ever download on your TV, especially for streaming platforms such as Philo, will require an active internet connection to support the broadcast.

To fix whenever the Philo app isn’t working on your Roku TV, first, restart your TV and connect the device to the WiFi. Target your network and solve any ongoing issues after which proceed with reinstalling the Philo application on Roku OS.

Before we proceed with the best available fixes, you must first learn what could be causing the problem with the Philo app and what you should be aware of.

Why Philo Isn’t Working On Roku TV?

The Philo application, same as with all other online streaming platforms, requires an internet connection to be accessed in the first place and to support the broadcast.

If the connection is non-existent at all or is too weak to support the quality of the broadcast, the Philo app will not work for you.

Here’s what you should be aware of that may be causing the Philo app problem on your Roku TV:

1. A Temporal Issue With The Philo App

Sometimes the servers of the Philo app may be down which will temporarily deny your Roku TV access to the platform.

2. Philo App Must Be Updated

Not updating the version of the Philo app on your Roku TV will most likely prevent your access to the application.

3. Internet Is Weak/Gone

If your internet on Roku TV is either too weak or non-existent, Philo will also not let you in.

4. Account Troubles

An issue with your Philo account may also be possible in the situation and cause this very problem.

In general, this is what the users complain about the most. However, we’ve extracted the best available solutions for this problem at your disposal below.

How To Fix When Philo Not Loading On Roku?

fix philo not loading on roku

Now that you know what could be causing the Philo app problem on your Roku software, let’s learn what you can do regarding the case.

Make sure to follow the correct order of our fixes for the best chances of getting rid of the problem until the end of our guide!

Here’s how to fix whenever the Philo app isn’t working on the Roku software:

Solution #1 Reconnect Roku From TV

You may also refer to reconnecting your Roku device from the TV as a restart, as it will discharge the unit completely.

This will solve any software bugs that have impacted the functionality of the Philo app and will have good functionality in fixing the problem.

For this solution, you will only want to unplug the Roku device from the back of your TV, wait for a few minutes, and then connect it back in.

Make sure to use the same input you were using before so you won’t have to change the sources.

Note: If you happen to plug Roku at an alternative HDMI input, remember to switch the source on the TV.

Solution #2 Connect Roku To The Internet

connect roku internet

As we’ve already mentioned, not having Roku connected to the internet will not let you access Philo as well as other online applications.

In that set of thoughts, the next thing you should do is respectively reconnect Roku to the internet.

Note: Before you connect, ensure that the WiFi of your network is functional and devices can be connected to it.

Here’s how to connect the Roku device to the internet:

  1. Open the settings of your Roku.
  2. Go to the Internet tab.
  3. Wait for the checker to scan for networks
  4. Tap on your WiFI.
  5. Enter the password.
  6. Click on “Connect”.
  7. Wait for Roku to get paired.
Note: It’s safe to say that Roku devices prefer to connect with 2.4GHz bands rather than 5GHz ones for better performance.

Solution #3 Update The Philo App

If Roku isn’t loading on your Roku device, it’s most likely due to the fact that the app is outdated.

update philo app

If that’s the case, you can have to trigger an update for the Philo app, through the app store of your Roku and get the platform updated.

Here’s how to update Philo on your Roku:

  1. Open the app store on your Roku.
  2. In the search field, type “Philo”.
  3. Tap on the first result.
  4. Search for an “Update” button, which should be positioned below the picture of the application.
  5. Tap on the update button as you highlight it first.
  6. Wait for the update to finalize.
  7. Test your Philo app.
Note: Don’t shut down your Roku while the update is ongoing or shut the device down halfway through.

Solution #4 Clear Roku App Cache

A problem that is directly linked to problems with applications is a corrupted app cache on your Roku.

This may cause problems with a variety of apps, including the Philo platform and you must clear the cache to solve the issue.

Here’s how to clear the Roku device’s app cache:

  1. Go to the Home tab from the main menu.
  2. On your Roku remote, press Home 5 times.
  3. Next, press the Up button.
  4. Press Rewind 2 times.
  5. Hit the Fast Forward 2 times again.
  6. Wait for the cache to be cleared.
Note: Follow this combination of buttons only from the main menu screen of your Roku.

Solution #5 Reset Roku’s Software

reset roku software

As a last resort, you can factory reset your Roku software to solve the problem with the Philo platform.

This will cause all configurations and settings to be reset and all installed apps to get deleted.

That’s a good approach since you will need to perform a clean install of the Philo app afterward, which in most cases turns out to be helpful.

Here’s how to reset Roku:

  1. Open the Settings tab on Roku.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Highlight Advanced system settings.
  4. Choose Factory reset.
  5. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions.
Note: Don’t interact with your Roku while the reset is still ongoing to avoid further software complications.

How To Fix When Philo Not Working On Roku TV?

What you will first want to identify is whether the Roku TV has lost its connection to the internet or it’s still connected.

That will enable you to pinpoint the origin of the problem and focus your troubleshooting there.

philo not working

Let’s first begin with a simple restart of your TV to check if that would fix the problem:

1. Power Cycle The Roku TV

Unplug your Roku TV device from the power source and wait. Standby for around 5 minutes and then, reconnect the power adapter of the device back to the source. Turn on your TV and test.

2. Reinstall The Philo App

Go to the storage unit of your Roku TV and locate the Philo app. Delete it from the “Info” button and then re-download the application from the Roku TV’s app store.

3. Access Philo Online

You may accept this as more of a workaround rather than a fix. Yes, you can access Philo online, which is 100% possible on your Roku TV.

All you have to do is open the internet browser, open Philo website and login to your account.

Tip: Additionally, you may check Philo’s website for any maintenance on the servers that are preventing you from accessing the platform.

Thus, to fix when the Philo app isn’t working on Roku, restart the device and connect it to your household’s WiFi. Next, clear Roku’s app cache and ensure the Philo app is updated. Reinstall Philo and if that didn’t work, reset your Roku to factory defaults.

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Bottom Line:

After learning why Philo not loading on Roku and how to resolve the problem, feel free to use our solutions to identify the origin of the problem.

In case you have more issues you need to take care of, check for the solution in our online blog!

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