peacock not working on samsung tv

Peacock not working on Samsung TV and you’re looking for a solution? No problem!

There are quite a few well-known issues that could be impacting Peacock on your Samsung television.

Luckily, today we will review all of them as well as provide you with the best-working solutions against that problem!

First of all, you need to take into consideration whether you’re located within the US since Peacock won’t be accessible otherwise. Then, troubleshoot the application and make sure that your TV is connected to the internet.

Before troubleshooting, let’s get familiar with all possible causes preventing Peacock from working normally on your Samsung device.

Why Does the Peacock App On Samsung TV Not Working?

When troubleshooting Peacock on any device, several factors must be taken into consideration. Your Samsung TV, your network device, or the application itself.

Here is a list of all possible causes along with a brief description:

1. Peacock Account Problem

A potential problem with your Peacock account might result in a similar issue with your application.

2. VPN or Location-Altering Service

Having an active VPN will allow you to connect to Peacock from outside the US but might impact your connection.

3. Not in the US

Since Peacock is only available in the US for now, your Samsung TV must be physically located there in order to stream Peacock.

4. No Internet

Peacock requires an active and reliable internet connection in order to let you stream anything, so your Samsung TV must be connected to WiFi.

5. Application Problem

Lastly, a problem with the Peacock application, in general, would also prevent you from accessing the app.

Now that you’re informed of what could be causing the problem, let’s proceed to troubleshoot the mentioned possibilities.

How To Fix Peacock App Not Working On Samsung TV?

fix peacock not working on samsung tv

It is recommended to restart your Samsung TV if you haven’t done it yet, before applying any of the upcoming solutions.

A clean start can often resolve many issues related to the startup services of your TV and if that doesn’t help, proceed with the first solution.

Solution #1 Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

A regular reboot wouldn’t be as effective as a power cycle on your television since the hard reset will discharge the device out of any remaining electricity.

You will then be able to test whether the Peacock will work or not.

Here is how to power cycle your Samsung TV:

  1. Turn OFF your device using the remote.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of your Samsung TV.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes until the device is completely discharged.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter.
  5. Test.
Note: In case you’re worried about your Samsung TV’s power supply in any way, it is recommended to change the power source and avoid using any power strips.

If Peacock still doesn’t seem to work, proceed with solution #2 where we will review the firmware state of the application.

Solution #2 Update Peacock

update peacock app

Having the latest version of Peacock whenever streaming is of crucial importance for the application’s functionality.

In that case, our next solution is related to updating Peacock on your Samsung TV to the latest firmware version available.

Here’s how to update Peacock on your Samsung TV:

  1. Go to the settings of your Samsung TV.
  2. Open the applications unit and tap on “Apps to update”.
  3. From there, select Peacock by highlighting it and run the firmware checker.
  4. Apply any available firmware updates for your Peacock application.

If no updates were available or updating didn’t help in the first place, let’s check your Peacock account.

Solution #3 Relog From Peacock On Your TV

If your Peacock account got restricted or banned in any way, your access to the application will be denied until further notice.

In that regard, we suggest logging from your Peacock account to determine if there is an account problem you must take care of.

Note: If you’re unable to access Peacock in the first place, then feel free to proceed with Solution #4.

To log out of Peacock, you must click the cogwheel on the bottom of the page, where you then have to select Log out”.

This will take you directly to the login screen, from where you have to input your login credentials and sign back in.

If logging doesn’t seem to solve the issue either, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #4 Connect Samsung TV To The Internet

connect tv samsung to internet

Not having internet on your Samsung TV is one of the major suspects when observing issues of this kind.

We suggest checking your Samsung TV’s internet or connecting it back to the WiFi against a scenario in which the TV got disconnected.

Here’s how to connect your Samsung TV to the WiFi:

  1. Using your Samsung TV remote, open the menu.
  2. Next, head to Network > Network Settings.
  3. From there, you should select that your Network type is wireless.
  4. Wait for the network search and choose your own WiFi.
  5. Type the WiFi password key and click on “Connect”.

This should connect your Samsung TV to the internet. Once you’re certain that the internet is reliable, try accessing Peacock.

Alert: Do not proceed further if you’ve identified internet issues. 

You can try hard resetting your router and reducing bandwidth usage to make your connection faster.

Solution #5 Clear Peacock’s App Cache

Before you reinstall Peacock, there is another quick fix you can try. You would need to clear your Samsung TV’s app cache that Peacock generated.

This solution works best against corrupted data in your Peacock application and by clearing the cache, you should be able to resolve issues of that nature.

To clear the cache, go to Settings > Apps > System apps > Peacock > Clear cache > Confirm.

This will clear all of the generated app caches for Peacock and you will have to re-enter the application in order to generate the new cache.

Solution #6 Uninstall Then Install Peacock

again install peacock

In case the Peacock not working on Samsung TV, even after all of the previous solutions, we suggest reinstalling the Peacock application from your device.

This is by far the most recommended solution against any troubles with online platforms, so let’s see how it’s done.

Here’s how to reinstall Peacock on your Samsung TV:

  1. Head to the storage unit of your Samsung device.
  2. Open the “Installed applications manager/tab” and search for Peacock.
  3. Once located, highlight the app and press “Uninstall”.
  4. Go back to the app store of your Samsung TV and download Peacock again.
  5. Sign in to your account and test.

If the issue still seems to be there, contact Peacock for further assistance regarding this problem.

Maybe they will discover an issue with your account, and you’ll be able to enjoy the Peacock content soon.

If Peacock doesn’t work on your Samsung TV, reconnect the device with the internet and perform a hard reset. Then, clear the cache of the Peacock app and relog from your account. Lastly, try reinstalling Peacock to see if that would solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Peacock not working on Samsung TV, solving the problem is just the easy part.

We hope that you are now able to enjoy Peacock streams and if you’ve got any other difficulties, make sure to check our online blog.

Nicole B