mitsubishi tv troubleshooting no picture

Here you’ll learn the process of Mitsubishi TV troubleshooting no picture, to help you identify and solve your problem.

Mitsubishi TVs are using (DLP) technology to form a picture via rear protection.

In case of a bad, or non-existent picture you would have to perform step-by-step troubleshooting to solve the issue. Our guide will help not only solve the problem but also discover what’s causing it.

To fix no picture issue on Mitsubishi TV you would need to power cycle your TV, to begin with, and make sure that the DLP lamp door is interacting with the safety switch. Next, you should select the correct input, reset the TV and if nothing works, replace the DLP lamp.

Now when you have a basic idea of what the troubleshooting process looks like, let’s first find out whether your TV is broken or only needs some help to display the picture.

Why Does My Mitsubishi TV Have Sound But No Picture?

Before you begin the guide, you would want to make sure that your TV is not broken and that it can actually be fixed at home.

To understand whether the TV is functional you should take a look at the STATUS lamp on the front of the TV.

In case the STATUS lamp is lit in solid red, that would mean a lamp failure, which has to be replaced. If you’re seeing solid red, you can replace the lamp by following solution #5.

If you’re wondering where the STATUS lamp is, check the image below:

status lamp Mitsubishi

In case you’re observing a different color on the status light, proceed with the solutions below, because we’re definitely fixing the problem.

Mitsubishi TV Troubleshooting No Picture Guide

fix mitsubishi tv no picture

If you’re confident that the STATUS light of your Mitsubishi TV is not solid red, that means that we can help the TV display its picture.

Our solutions are aligned in an order that will help you not only solve the issue but also discover the true cause so make sure not to skip any.

Let’s start with the easiest solutions and build our way up progressively:

Solution #1 Power Cycle Your Mitsubishi TV

The very first attempt against the problem should be by discharging the TV completely and then turning it back on.

reboot mitsubishi tv

Your TV will always carry electricity unless you unplug it from the power outlet, which is exactly what you should do.

Follow the steps below to power cycle your Mitsubishi TV:

  1. Turn OFF your TV using the remote.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait for about 3 minutes.
  4. Re-connect the power adapter to a standalone wall outlet.
Pro Tip: Avoid using power dividers since they are a source of many power-related issues.

Solution #2 Tighten The DLP Lamp Door

If you’re seeing a blinking green light on the STATUS lamp, that means that the DLP lamp door is not fully closed.

The thing is that if the DLP lamp door is not closed correctly, your TV will be shutting down until the door is closed.

Follow the steps below to properly close the DLP lamp door:

  1. Unscrew the 4 screws at the corners of the door.
  2. Pay attention to the blue safety switch on the bottom left of the lamp compartment.
  3. When closed the door has to push the safety switch backward.
  4. Install the door, making sure that the machine interacts with the switch.

If the switch is being pushed inwards when the door closes, your TV should now be able to turn on and you should be seeing a picture.

Solution #3 Select The Correct Input

correct input Mitsubishi

In case you’ve got a cable box, console, or other devices to feed the TV with a stream, you should definitely select the correct source.

If not, you would be hearing the audio, but the TV picture would remain black.

Note: This solution would only help if your TV actually turns ON. If you’re unable to start the Mitsubishi TV, jump to the next solution.

Simply press the Video button on the TV remote and wait a few seconds. Then repeat.

Press the button again, and wait for a moment.

Repeat at least 5 times to make sure that you’ve gone through all the inputs and if on none of them the picture appears, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #4 Reset Mitsubishi TV

Regardless of your TV behavior, you can perform a type of reset recommended by users that have experienced the exact same “no picture” issue.

Follow the steps below to reset your Mitsubishi TV:

  1. Unplug ANY cable box, console, or audio device connected to the TV.
  2. Unplug the TV from the power outlet.
  3. Hold the power button on the TV panel for 60 seconds.
  4. Wait for about 2 minutes.
  5. Plug ONLY your TV back into the power.
  6. Press the power button once.

Now your Mitsubishi TV will turn ON and if the picture is still not there, you might be having a blown DLP lamp and in the next method, you’ll learn how to find out and replace it.

Solution #5 Examine DLP Lamp

check dlp Lamp

In nearly 90% of the cases where the picture on Mitsubishi TV is black, the DLP lamp is blown and it will require a replacement.

However, before you make any purchases, you would want to find out whether the lamp is blown or not.

Here is how to find out if the DLP lamp is dead:

  1. Unscrew the 4 screws at the corners of the DLP lamp door.
  2. Open the DLP door.
  3. Grab a Phillips screwdriver and reach inside the compartment.
  4. The lamp is held by 1 or 2 screws that you would need to take off.
  5. Once unscrewed, simply reach in and take the DLP lamp box out.

Now, take a look at the top of the lamp, inside the glass portal. You should be seeing a very shiny sheen inside of the lamp, which is an indication of a working unit.

However, if you’re seeing a milky effect on one or both sides, that would mean that the lamp is blown. 

To replace the lamp, simply acquire a new unit, and screw it inside the compartment.

Then we recommend scrolling up and following Solution #2, to make sure that the DLP lamp door is correctly closed and interacting with the safety switch.

In Short:

Hence the solution to the “no picture” problem with the Mitsubishi TVs includes a power cycle, and examination of the DLP safety switch and lamp. Depending on the lamp condition you can proceed with checking the inputs, resetting the TV, or replacing the lamp if blown.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you know what the Mitsubishi TV troubleshooting no picture includes, you should feel more confident when solving similar issues.

Even if nothing helps, replacing the DLP lamp is what helped most of the users that had the same problem as you do!

If that guide was helpful and you managed to solve the picture problem on your Mitsubishi TV, don’t forget to check our blog and discover many more solutions.

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