linksys router no internet connection

It’s inevitable to experience Linksys router no internet connection problem.

One thing that can be particularly frustrating is dealing with an active Linksys router but not having internet access.

So, you have no internet sometimes, it’s better to wait it out, but if you still get no connection after about 5 minutes, you should be alarmed.

You’re not getting an internet connection from the Linksys router because you haven’t updated the firmware, or you have enabled the MAC address filter, which is blocking your device. It’s also possible that the fault lies with your Internet Service Provider.

You can always fix the issues with your router and get back online, even though it’s not easy to immediately detect the problem.

In this article, you’ll learn the causes of your lack of internet connection and get troubleshooting tips for the issues.

Fixing Linksys Router No Internet Connection – Solutions

fix linksys router no internet connection

Solution #1 Update Linksys Router Firmware

Like any software, the firmware on your router needs to be updated regularly, or it will start experiencing problems.

Linksys routers are programmed to update their software automatically when online.

Therefore, if the Linksys router says connected but no internet, you must set the updates manually.

Make it a habit to update your router firmware regularly before any issues come up.

Here is how to update firmware:

  1. Type in your browser to access the router admin panel.
  2. Type admin login credentials (password and username are at the bottom of your router).
  3. Go to Advanced, then firmware update.
  4. Upload firmware files.
  5. Click on Save changes.

To get firmware files, you’ll have to download them Official Linksys website.

Your router will install the software install and update itself. Note that to launch the router admin access panel for some routers, you’ll have to type

Note: To avoid any future internet interruptions, you can activate automatic updates in the Linksys router account.

Solution #2 Disable MAC Address Filtering

Multimedia Access Control (MAC) address is a unique code assigned to each electronic device on a network.

Therefore, if you have a Linksys router with no internet after reset, it simply means the router’s MAC filter has blocked the device’s address.

Here’s how to disable the MAC address filtering:

  1. On your PC, go Start, then All Programs, then Linksys Connect.
  2. Select Router settings, then Advanced Settings under other options.
  3. Click on “Copy Password” then OK.
  4. Click Wireless then Wireless MAC Filter.
  5. Check the disabled option.

You shall have successfully disabled the MAC address filter in your router and should be able to access the internet.

It means any devices whose MAC addresses were added to the filter will now access the internet via the router.

Alternatively, you can remove the MAC address for one device from the filter and leave the rest.

Solution #3 Internet Service Provider

If you’re like most internet users, you are likely getting your internet from an Internet Service Provider.

For most internet access problems like Linksys router no internet after reset, you could be witnessing an ISP issue.

There are numerous reasons why an ISP problem could affect your internet, ranging from technical hitches to weather-related issues.

If you suspect an internet outage, here are a few steps you could take:

  1. Ensure that you’ve paid the internet bill.
  2. Confirm there is no ISP overload or network congestion in your area.
  3. Contact your ISP to check if there is a scheduled outage for maintenance.
  4. Check for any hacking, human error or cyber-attacks on your ISP.
  5. If there is bad weather, you’ll have to wait it out.

While the above steps won’t fix the issue immediately, you’ll be able to pinpoint the root cause of the connection problem.

As a standard procedure, many Internet Service Providers will communicate to their customers should there be an outage.

Note: It’s important to always check local message boards to get any critical information from your ISP.

Solution #4 Use Default Gateway for Internet Connection

After trying out the troubleshooting methods, default Gateway should be your last resort if you’re experiencing a Linksys router no connection problem.

Note:  A default gateway makes it possible for your computer to communicate with other computers in a different network.

Your computer internet requests will therefore go through the gateway before exiting your Local Network and reaching the internet.

Here’s how to set up a default gateway:

  1. Press R Key and Window Key at the same time.
  2. The Run command box will open. Type “cmd” then “ipconfig”.
  3. Press Enter to get the default gateway.
  4. Type the browser URL on the default gateway.
  5. Put in the username and password to establish the internet connection.

If you’re using a Linksys router but can’t establish a connection at all, but you have a modem, the steps will help.

It would be best to connect the cable from the modem to the router and connect your computer with a LAN cable.

More Solutions for Linksys Router No Internet Connection

Renew IP Address

If your router has no connection after rebooting, you should release and renew the IP address.

If you recently purchased a Linksys router, then you can easily access your router configuration page through your desktop computer.

Open a web browser and go to If your router’s admin page doesn’t load, try or

From the admin page, release and renew its IP address to establish a connection.

Power Cycling

Reboot your router. After a reboot, unplug it from the power source, plug it back in, and then reset.

When resetting your router, wait for at least 30 seconds after the Power LED starts blinking.

The power adapter must be plugged into the Linksys router and an electrical outlet.

Typically, a hard reset and update of your router’s firmware should get it connecting to the internet again. If these two fixes don’t work, disable MAC address filtering; contact your internet service provider or set up a default gateway connection as a last resort.

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It’s important to note that Linksys router no internet connection can primarily be caused by resetting the router itself.

A hard reset, for instance, will erase all information from the router, including username and password, and therefore it won’t be able to communicate with the ISP.

After a factory reset, log in using the default credentials, and it should work just fine.

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