light bulb making high pitched noise

Having a light bulb making high pitched noise when you turn it on can be very annoying.

It can cause destruction and even make you not hear the most important things. So, what causes this issue, and what can you do about it?

Please read below to understand more about this problem and get ways to fix it.

Your light bulb will make a high-pitched noise due to electrical shorts or voltage issues. If its fixtures are loose, the problem can also occur, so ensure they are tightly mounted. Do not overlook a compatible dimmer, too.

Causes Of High Pitched Noise on Light Bulb

Several issues can cause a light bulb to make a high pitch noise. The most common causes include:

  • Electrical shorts
  • Loose fixtures
  • Voltage

Note: Operating electrical appliances or devices need caution.

Not anyone can operate them, especially if you are not sure about it. Always consider an electrician to work anything out to avoid further damage that may be beyond repair.

How to Fix Light Bulb Making High Pitched Noise

fix light bulb making high pitched noise

There are three different types of light bulbs, namely incandescent, fluorescent, and LED light bulbs.

Each has its own cause of making the high-pitched noise. Check below the causes and various methods to fix this issue.

1. Incandescent Bulbs

These light bulbs are quiet on most occasions. However, you will notice them buzzing if you install a dimmer in their fixtures.

The dimmer decreases the voltage on your bulb’s line; hence the amount of light reaching the bulb reduces, dimming the light.

This dimmer application and removal of the amount of voltage excites and cools the bulb’s filament. Then, the bulb vibrates hence the buzzing or ringing sound.

To solve this issue, you can use rough service bulbs. Their filaments are more supported and can reduce vibration. Hence, you will not hear your bulb ringing.

2. Fluorescent Bulbs

Buzzing and flickering are some of the most common issues with fluorescent bulbs. The main cause for these issues is mostly old ballast. A ballast controls the amount of voltage reaching the fluorescent bulb.

The high pitch noise occurs when the ballast is unable to control the voltage properly, causing a constant striking in the bulb.

You will need to replace your bulb. If you still hear the pitching sound, you will have to replace the ballast

Please do not use a magnetic ballast since they use a metal plate that naturally vibrates. They also have an electromagnetic field that produces its own pitch.

Consider a class A or electrical ballast; these will do away with the sound.

3. LED Light Bulbs

LED Bulbs do not have moving parts like firing arcs or filaments. These parts are what causes the buzzing sound in incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

So, does it mean that LED bulbs cannot produce the high pitch sounds? Not really.

An electromagnet interference from other equipment or dimming can cause them to make the sounds. You need always to use a dimmer that is compatible with your LED bulb to avoid those sounds.

Methods To Fix the High Pitched Noise On Your Light Bulb

Now that you know the type of your bulb and the common reasons for it to buzz, hum or make high pitched sound, let us look at how we can fix this issue.

Method #1. Check Your Connection

You might not have fixed the light properly. So, you will need to check your connection, precisely the place you mounted the bulb.

Confirm if you fixed it correctly. You can undo the installation then reinstall the bulb back.

Method #2. You Need To Check Your Entire Unit

The inside of your circuit might be the problem causing these high-pitched noises to come from your bulb.

A simple repair may not fix the issue. Hence, you may have to replace the whole circuit system.

If you have a valid warranty for the lights, you should consider getting a replacement for free. If the warranty is invalid, you may have to spend some dollars purchasing another pack.

Method #3. Exchange The Lights

The best way to deal with high-pitched noise on your bulb is to exchange them for a better model.

A different manufacturer will do better. As you know, the same model bulbs can have different sound intensities.

However, you should not expect exchanging your bulb with the same model will give a quieter sound. Always go for the best models from a different manufacturer.

Method #4. Check The Lamps On A Dimmer

Could you be using both a matching LED dimmer and a dimmable LED lamp?

This combination could cause the high pitched noise. You may hear the noise either when the bulbs are dimmed or when they have a partial brightness.

The first thing you will need to understand is whether the dimmer or the lamp causes the sound. If the LED illuminant produces the sound, you can unscrew the bulb then place it to another light with no dimmer.

If a LED luminaire hums, you can also try connecting it to another lamp without a dimmer.

However, you should be quite careful when doing this since it is not easy to test permanently installed luminaires without a dimmer. If you are not sure, kindly let an expert do it for you.

Method #5. Replace The Humming Dimmer

Light Bulb Making High Pitched Noise No Dimmer?  After testing the light without a dimmer and you realize that it has no high-pitched sounds, the dimmer model is the problem.

You may need to replace the dimmer with another better model. You can also try a different dimmer/lamp combination to see if it works.

Light Bulbs Still Making High Pitched Noise?

If after using the above methods your light bulb still makes high pitched noise, you may need to consider some other alternatives. They include:

Going For Silent Bulbs

One of the best ways to avoid high pitched noise bulbs is by reading reviews from different customers. Check if the bulbs they use are silent and go for the one with the most positive reviews.

Buy Your Bulbs From Reputable Online Shops

If your light bulb makes high-pitched noise, it is due to electrical shocks, high voltage, or loose fixtures. Check the whole system if it is mounted correctly, and use a compatible dimmer with your bulb.

Reputable online shops can allow you to return annoying bulbs that make high-pitched sounds.

Most online shops offer to their customers the right of withdrawal. So, you can return those luminaires or illuminants back if their sounds annoy you.

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If your light bulbs make a high-pitched noise, it has voltage, electrical shorts, or loose fixtures issues. You will need to check your connection, use a compatible dimmer, or consider replacing the bulb for a better model.

If you had a light bulb making high pitched noise, I hope you now know what you can do about it.

You may first need to understand the type of bulb you have. If it is fluorescent, an old ballast is the cause; hence, you need to replace it.

For an incandescent bulb, you can consider a rough service bulb that can support the effect of the dimmer.

For a LED light bulb, always go for a dimmer compatible with your bulb, and you will solve the issue.

Nicole B