lexus display screen not working

Your Lexus Display Screen not working out all of a sudden? Keep reading! 

Technology has developed significantly over the years for us to have the best experience possible.

However, sometimes we experience issues and we’re not quite sure where to begin and the Lexus Display Screen is one of them.

Let’s learn more!

The Lexus Display Screen will not work when there is not enough power income to even turn on, the battery is dead or the amplifier is overheating. The solution includes a thorough inspection of the entire equipment to discover and solve the problem!

What Causes The Lexus Navigation Screen Blank?

what causes lexus screen blank

There are many reasons why Lexus screens won’t work, such as overheating of the device, battery, or power source, and other external but important factors.

Next, we’ll discuss the causes more and attempt to identify where the issue is coming from!

Let’s figure out what causes your Lexus to not turn on:

1. Failure in Power Source

Your Lexus is directly connected to the power source.

When it stops working, your device turns black and the cause is often related to bad wiring, blown valves, or low power.

2. Dead Battery

Every component uses batteries as its primary power source.

The more services you use on your Lexus, the more power it consumes from the battery.

the dead battery

When your Lexus uses more energy, the battery depletes or dies leading to a blank screen.

3. Overheated Amplifier

Whenever you play any sound on your Lexus with high volume, the Lexus starts heating.

So as protection, your Lexus turns off in order to prevent other components from overheating.

4. Faulty AC control Panel Fuse

The AC control panel fuse is also responsible for providing a power source to the display screen.

When there is a problem with the AC fuse, it is unable to provide power and your Lexus screen goes black. 

How to Fix Lexus Display Screen Not Working?

how fix lexus display screen

We can now move toward a solution because we are aware of all possibilities.

Stay with us throughout this guide to learn about every solution that might help.

Let’s get started!

Solution #1 Try Display Check Mode

The very first solution that you should attempt is to check the Display Check Mode.

This mode is designed to inspect the signal status input to the Lexus Screen Display.

But for this mode, you have to go into diagnostic mode first. Let’s begin with the steps! 

All you need to do is just carefully follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Switch on the engine.
  2. While operating the light control switch, hold and press the “INFO” switch.
  3. Turn ON and OFF the device several times. 
  4. After that, a screen will appear with the system check mode. 
  5. Then a screen will appear with the “Display Check” option.
  6. Select the option with the “Switch Check”
  7. In case everything works well a “+” symbol should appear!

If no symbols appear on your Lexus screen, then the reason is that you have not followed the steps correctly or your display screen got faulty.

Before drawing, conclusions test the upcoming debugging solutions below.

Let’s proceed with the second solution of our guide!

Solution #2 Perform Screen Adjustments

preform a screen adjustments

The low brightness and contrast of a screen might make it harder for us to see it, especially in daylight.

Maybe the Lexus Screen brightness, tone of the screen, and contrast are way too low, deceiving us into thinking that the display is not working.

All you need to do is to adjust the screen by following the steps stated below:

  1. Tap on the DISP button.
  2. Then click on the + button to increase the brightness and contrast of the screen.
  3. In case the screen lights up and now you see, click an “OK” button on the screen. 
  4. After doing the above steps, you can now adjust the tone and color of the screen.
Note: In case you’re unable to see anything on the Lexus screen, jump to the next step!

Solution#3 Reset Multimedia Screen

reset the multimedia screen

In case the solutions above did not make any difference and there is no indication that the Lexus Display Screen is working, you should attempt to power cycle and reset the device.

This method will restart ALL services and hopefully, the screen will come back to life in no time!

Here is a step guide to doing a reboot on the Lexus navigation screen:

  1. Remove the battery terminal from the negative and positive terminals.
  2. After unplugging the battery terminals, wait for 30 minutes.
  3. Click on the “Start” button once to start the accessory or battery mode.
  4. Press the Power or Volume button.
  5. Your Lexus screen should start displaying light and a progress bar.

The progress bar means your device is resetting and soon it will come back to its normal state. In case you see the progress bar your worries should come to an end.

The screen is working and that’s what is important. The cause of the issue, in this case, will remain unidentified.

Tip: You can also try pressing and holding the menu button to start the device!

Solution #4 Clean The Car Battery Connectors

clean car battery conenctors

There is a well-known problem with the Lexus Display Screen, that appears after the vehicle’s battery has been disconnected or replaced.

In case that happened to you as well, there is a simple fix that you would need to execute and solve the problem permanently.

  1. Open the vehicle’s hood.
  2. Remove the protective covers on the battery connectors.
  3. Disconnect the negative and positive connectors.
  4. Clean the Battery Connectors.
  5. Reconnect the positive and then the negative pole.
  6. Turn OFF lights and other energy consumers.
  7. Push the Start button without pressing the break!
  8. The Lexus Audio System Screen should now be working.

In case the Lexus Display Screen is now working, you can start the vehicle normally from now on and the problem should be gone. In case the black screen remains, proceed further!

Tip: Push the Start button without the brake pedal each time you remove the vehicle’s battery.

Solution #5 Reconnect The Wiring Harness

reconnect wiring harness

Taking out the Lexus Multimedia as a whole might be quite challenging for certain users but we’ve extracted and aligned everything into a step-by-step guide that everyone can follow.

In this solution, we’ll take out the entire Lexus system and reconnect the wiring harness, making sure that everything is intact. 

Follow the steps below to take out the navigation and reconnect the cables:

  1. Screw OFF the Shift Knob out.
  2. Pull out the panel by de-attaching.
  3. Take out the Vents by using a trim tool.
  4. Near the carpets on both sides, there are panels that come off as well.
  5. Unscrew the nuts on the top and both sides.
  6. The Navigation Unit should come loose.
  7. Reconnect ALL cables on the back of the Lexus Navigation Unit.
  8. Make sure that the connections are tightly secured.

You can now test the Lexus Navigation Screen before actually installing the side panels because it’s no guarantee that reconnecting the cables helped.

However, in case the Display turns on, you’re in luck, problem solved. 

The Lexus Display Screen Is Still Black…

the lexus display still blank

In case the screen remains black, you might have to take the vehicle for a professional inspection of the Lexus Navigation Screen.

It might turn out to be costly!

The problem might be a faulty touchscreen digitizer panel.

You can acquire one for as low as $25 but plus the repair fee, the cost of getting back your Lexus Display Screen might turn out to be bold.

However, it’s always best to invest in a professional repair instead of attempting to do something we don’t understand.

Good Luck!

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Quick Recap:

You can resolve the problem with your Lexus Display Screen by rebooting the Navigation, adjusting the screen, reconnecting the wiring harness and cleaning the battery connectors. In case that doesn’t help, the next step is to seek professional help!


Now that we’ve learned why Lexus Display Screen not working and what to do to solve the problem in no time, we can enjoy the Navigation system at its maximum.

Keep in mind that such issues with the display are known to appear with Lexus when the battery has been removed or replaced so by reconnecting the battery connectors the problem should be gone!

We hope that this post was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B