led pool light won't change colors

A few things might be to blame when your LED pool light won’t change colors.

Fortunately, fixing it doesn’t require you to immediately call a professional.

All solutions require you to take the LED light out of the pool. For example, you might have to buy stainless components, new mini bulbs, or replace your illumination components.

This guide will teach you how to do all of the above.

However, if you are worried you will have to drain your pool, here is a secret: you don’t need to!

Why Won’t The LED Pool Light Change Colors?

why led light wont change colors

It is quite annoying when you have a beautiful LED set on your pool, but it won’t change its colors as it should.

More than one reason might be causing this, as you can check below:

  • Bulbs – Some pool lights rely on tiny bulbs for color changing. When the bulbs burn out, you won’t see colors change anymore.
  • Corrosion on components – The components that secure your LED lights inside the fixture might rust over time, causing failures.
  • Full failure on the LED board/single board – Further problems, such as water leakage, might cause the LED board to fail.

LED Pool Light Won’t Change Colors – Fix Guide

how to fix led pool lights

Now you know what common problems cause LED pool lights to stop changing colors. Thus, it is time we move to the solutions.

Note that the solutions include dealing with electricity. We recommend calling a professional if you are unfamiliar with that or are afraid of it.

Also, note that this solution is only doable when the lights aren’t changing colors.

If they are not working, another problem is at fault, and other solutions might be required.

Solution #1: Change The Bulbs On A Multi-Bulb LED Board

change the led bulbs

This solution will depend on the type of LED lights you have installed in your pool.

Some pool lights have a LED board with some tiny bulbs. When one of them burns out, you can inspect and replace it. 

First, you need to remove the light from the pool:

  1. Shut off the circuit that powers the pool’s lights. 
  2. Try turning on the pool lights to make sure the power is off.
  3. Take out the screw that secures the pool light 
  4. Pull the light away
  5. Take the light to the pool’s edge, preferably on a towel or anything dry.

Now you need to remove the protections to locate the LED board within. 

Depending on the model of the fixture, there will be a certain arrangement of screws and bolts.

Ensure you have the adequate tools to unthread all of those.

Inspecting and Replacing

inspecting and replace

Pull the cover and gasket away when all securing items are removed to reveal the LED board. 

If it is possible and non-risky to connect the bulbs to some power source to check which one is defective, do it.

Alternatively, you should use a multimeter and test each light bulb for continuity.


  1. Remove the burnt bulb
  2. Put a new one in its place
  3. Test for continuity again
  4. If all is fine, reinstall the light in the pool
Tip: You can visit a local store to look for a replacement bulb.

Solution #2: Check For Corrosion Inside The Fixture

check for corrosion inside

A common problem with pool LED light fixtures is that they corrode/rust over time.

So, following the step-by-step removal of the solution above, take your light out of the water.

Next, you will need to unthread all screws and/or bolts securing the light.

When you remove its protection and gasket, pay attention to the electrical components’ state. Is there any rust/corrosion? 

If there is, then the problem is not with your light bulb(s) but rather with the material of the components of your illumination system.

We suggest you do the following:

  1. Detach your light fixture from the wiring
  2. Take it to a nearby store
  3. Get help from the seller to choose stainless replacement components
  4. Install the new stainless components.

Once the new components are in place, test the light bulb(s) and see if they work again. 

Tip: Even if the fixture components are not damaged, you should always use stainless material.

Solution #3: Change the LED Board

change the led board

Perhaps your LED board failed entirely. Unfortunately, changing a bulb or installing stainless components won’t work in that case. 

In that case, you will need to remove the light fixture from the pool and open it, as already instructed in the other solutions.

Next, remove all securing screws/bolts and the protection and gasket.

You should find the LED board secured by one or more screws and a wire connected to a harness.

  1. Disconnect the wire
  2. Remove all screws
  3. Detach the LED board
  4. Put a new LED board in place
  5. Connect the new board’s wire and screw it to secure
Note: Ensure you discard the old LED board correctly.

Solution #4: Change The Single LED

Other LED lights have a single light source; if it malfunctions, you need to replace it entirely.

If you do that, you don’t need to pay so much attention to the precise model of the LED light. 

change a single led

Many times, fixtures are made in a way that supports different models. That means you can choose a new LED light model to replace the defective one.

Like the solutions above, you must take your light fixture from the pool into a dry place.


  1. Remove all securing things like screws, bolts, etc.
  2. Remove the protection and gasket.
  3. Disconnect the wiring harness of the LED
  4. Unthread any screws securing it

Once you remove the old LED, put a new one in place that does fit it. 

  1. Put it in a position that it remains fixed
  2. Connect the wire harness
  3. Secure with screws if there is a place for any
Note: If you have a LED board and want to change to a single LED, you can perform this same solution.

Bonus: How To Change Colors In LED Pool Light

how change colors in led pool light

Are you wondering, “how do I change the color of my pool light?”. The answer depends on the model of your lights or the accessory you buy for them.

You can let them shine in different colors according to their programming. Or you can buy some control or switch that allows you to change colors according to your preference. 

For example, Pentair sells a switch installed into the wall near the pool. It allows you to choose multiple configurations.

Since each brand is different, you will have to rely on the manual instructions of the product you buy.

What We Learned

When your LED pool light won’t change colors, fixing it is not rocket science. There are many solutions you can employ.

The first thing, though, is to take the fixture out of the water and open it to take a look.

Depending on what you find, you will need to replace a bulb or LED panel and buy stainless components to last longer.

Nicole B