led lights flickering no dimmer

Wondering why LED lights flickering no dimmer switch is involved? It’s simple!

There are quite a few reasons why a LED light would flicker and most of the causes do not involve the dimming functionality or a dimmer switch.

In this guide, we’ll unwrap the reasons why a LED light would flicker without proper reasoning and help you solve the issue in minutes!

Whenever LED lights such as bulbs or strips are flickering the first approach should be to reinstall the light into the fixture or reconnect the device to the power. If that doesn’t work, the power source (light socket) must be changed for a thorough test.

Now that we have a basic idea of where the issue might be coming from, let’s proceed!

Why Is LED Lights Flickering No Dimmer?

why does led light flickers

The most common reason why LEDs of any kind are flickering is because of power fluctuations in the AC line of your home.

This is why LED strips (lights that connect to a wall outlet) come with a Power Driver, which is what keeps the power intact, preventing flickering issues.

  • When the Power Driver is malfunctioning, the LED lights will be flickering!

Let’s next unwrap some of the most frequent causes of flickering LED lights:

  • Fluctuations in the Power Source
  • Bad/Malfunctioning Power Driver
  • Temporal issue after a power outage
  • Overheating LED Lights
  • Bad Lights Fixture (socket)

These are ALL of the possibilities and likely in this guide we’ve managed to find a solution for each of them.

We’re going to inspect each of the aspects closely to discover the problem!

Let’s jump right in!

How To Keep LED Lights From Flickering?

how keep light from flickers

There are quite a few ways to solve the flickering with your LED lights and keep them from any faults permanently.

In the below guide, this is exactly what we’re going to discuss with the help of several proven-to-work methods!

Read everything and don’t skip anything. Good Luck!

Method #1 Restart The LED Lights!

It does not matter whether you’re using LED bulbs or strips, the flickering problem in most cases comes from the same matter.

The very first step against the issue should be to perform the so-called “power cycle” which essentially discharges the device. Let’s learn more!

Here’s how to perform a power cycle on your LED bulb or strip!

  1. Turn OFF the LED strip or switch OFF the power!
  2. Unscrew the LED bulb from the light fixture.
  3. Alternatively, disconnect the strip from the wall outlet.
  4. Wait for at least 3 minutes.
  5. Reconnect the device to the power.
  6. Turn on the light!

You would need to observe for at least a few seconds to understand whether this method helped.

In case, however, the flickering problem is still there, jump to the next method.

Tip: Having the LEDs disconnected for longer also allows the device to cool down!

Method #2 Switch Source/Socket

switch a source or socket

Based on whether you’re using a LED bulb or a light strip, you need to replace the power source of the device to be able to determine the issue.

When it’s a strip, you need to disconnect the power driver from the outlet and find another one to test with. Bulbs simply go to another fixture!

  • Replace the power source and test whether your LED bulb is flickering!

When you’re using a LED strip, it’s important to avoid plugging your lights into a power strip, instead plug them directly into the wall outlet.

In addition, users should also test whether the power outlet is functional prior to plugging their lights. 

In case the issue is gone, we can conclude that the previous power source is bad.

In case, however, the problem persists, then the issue is highly likely to be related to the device!

Note: Proceed only if you’re certain that the power source (light fixture) is OK!

Method #3 Use a 12V LED Driver!

use 12v led driver

When your LED lights are flickering the problem might be in the Power Driver.

Basically, this is the power equipment and for LED lights you need a 12V LED Driver.

In case you’ve customized the power adapter of your LED lights in any way, the reason for the problem might be clear!

The Power Driver is what keeps the current constant, hence preventing the flickering!

When your LEDs arrive you’ll definitely find a 12V Power Driver in the box, which over time wears out, and starts to allow fluctuations to reach your bulb.

In that set of thoughts, the next step is to acquire a new or proven-to-work power driver for your LED lights.

You can purchase a LED power driver from many online stores! We strongly recommend staying with us to learn about which power driver to buy for your best interest.

Method #4 Stop Overheating!

stop overheating

Sometimes the reason why LED Lights flicker, even when there is no dimming involved, is because the device is overheating.

This is not a common occurrence but it definitely appears every now and then when all impacting factors are accidentally met. Let’s learn more!

Here’s everything that you can do to prevent your LED lights from overheating:

  • Replace Power Driver (when overdriven)
  • Remove Nearby Heat Conductors
  • Prevent Direct Sunlight
  • Turn OFF LEDs when you’re out
  • Lower the brightness

You can of course touch the strip to identify whether it’s too hot or not. However, we don’t recommend touching a LED bulb, right after it has been working.

You can only assume, based on any external factors that can contribute to a higher operational temperature.

Tip: Turning off the LEDs for 10 minutes should be enough for the lights to cool down!

Method #5 Replace The Power Switch

replace power switch

In some cases, LED lights flickering no dimmer issue comes from the ON/OFF switch!

Even when the switch has only two states (ON/OFF) without dimming functionality, the flickering problem could be occurring due to faulty operation.

When the switch can’t completely cut the power to the light’s fixture, the LED bulb will be flickering. The solution is simple!

  • Test the bulb on another AC line with a different switch (in another room).

That would suggest whether the flickering problem comes from the switch. In case it does, and the LED light does not flicker when installed in another room, you’ll need to replace the switch!

Alert: It’s important to cut the power off from the main circuit, before replacing the power switch!

LED Lights Flickering Problem Still There…

led flickering problem still there

In case you’ve attempted everything so far but nothing managed to help, there is still hope!

Many users observe flickering in ALL of the lights in their homes shortly after a power outage.

This sometimes happens since when the power kicks in, for a short period of time the current is weak or fluctuating.

In rare cases, the power comes then goes out again, and again…

This is why we should turn OFF all electrical devices until the electricity is fully back!

Users should wait for at least a few hours after a power outage before turning on their LED lightning and drawing conclusions.

The flickering problem might go away like magic!

Will LED Lights Die When Flicker?

why led die when flickers

Since the flickering problem primarily indicates either not enough power or too much current, yes the LED lights might be lethally damaged when flickering.

We need to identify the problem as soon as possible with minimal LED light operational time during the flickering issue.

Need Help? 

Keep in mind that you can always reach out to the LED equipment supplier to discuss the flickering problem.

Perhaps that’s your chance to use the warranty. Good Luck!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the solution to the flickering LED problem is to restart the lights and wait for a couple of minutes for them to discharge and cool down. We’ve also learned that the problem often comes from the power source or the LED bulb light fixture.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why LED lights flickering no dimmer switch issue appears, we can solve the identity in a matter of minutes.

It’s only a matter of time before one of the factors involved is released to be the culprit, so by following our guide, you can’t go wrong!

In case you’re in the middle of a homemade LED installation, we need to suggest what in our opinion is the best possible non-dimmable 12v light power driver!

This is the only way to secure the LED lightning without flickering problems, which often are lethal to the device!

Nicole B