ihome speaker keeps disconnecting

Whenever the iHome speaker keeps disconnecting from your source device then something is impacting the Bluetooth connection.

There could be quite a few things to inspect and in this guide, we’re about to unwrap this topic and help you out.

To solve the problem where the iHome speaker is frequently disconnecting from the Bluetooth device, begin with performing a restart and shortening the distance. The next step would be to reset the Bluetooth settings and if necessary reset your iHome speaker as well.

Now when the solution is up front, let’s proceed with the solutions and fix the disconnects!

How To Fix iHome Bluetooth Speaker Keeps Disconnecting?

fix ihome speaker keeps disconnecting

The solution to a constantly dropping Bluetooth connection between your source device and iHome speaker includes a series of steps.

To identify the problem, you should start with the simplest methods such as restarting and closing the proximity between the devices.

To help you out, we’ve designed a solution guide for you to follow:

Solution #1 Restart The iHome Speaker

The first thing you should start with is to restart the iHome speaker. This will simply power cycle the device and solve any OS blunders that may be causing the disconnects.

To restart the iHome speaker, you will have to press the power button and hold it out for several seconds.

restart ihome speaker

With the iHome speakers, holding the power button should last around 5 seconds before letting go.

That will turn the speaker off. To start the iHome speaker, repeat the same thing and hold the power button for 5 seconds again, while turned OFF.

Note: Once restarted, pair the iHome speaker with your phone and test the Bluetooth connection.

Solution #2 Shorten Distance

If your iHome speaker is disconnecting from the device constantly, that’s most certainly due to insufficient Bluetooth range.

The Bluetooth signal that connects your device to the iHome speaker requires close proximity between both devices (the iHome and source).

You should make sure that you’ve positioned your source device as close as possible to the speaker.

The suggested range that both your devices must be in is somewhere around 10  meters since that’s the range that Bluetooth connection supports.

In case the connection still drops, move even closer until you’re right in front of the iHome speaker.

Notice: The Bluetooth connection can easily be interfered with by IR signal and other nearby Bluetooth connections.

Solution #3 Reset The Bluetooth On Your Device

reset bluetooth device

A quick and easy way to fix issues with the Bluetooth connectivity between your iHome speaker and device is to reset the Bluetooth feature.

If your phone, tablet, or laptop is connected to multiple devices at the same time, that could be causing problems with the signal.

You should reset the Bluetooth on your device and here’s how to do it in quick steps:

  1. Open the Settings on your device.
  2. Navigate to Wireless.
  3. Tap on Bluetooth.
  4. Toggle the Bluetooth OFF.
  5. Wait for 60 seconds while the Bluetooth is disabled.
  6. Toggle the Bluetooth back ON.
  7. Connect with the iHome speaker and test the signal.
Alert: It’s important to wait for a minute or two with the Bluetooth feature disabled to reset the signal entirely.

Solution #4 Disconnect Devices From The Speaker

Users reported that having multiple devices connected to the iHome speaker will cause it to disconnect frequently.

That was also verified by the team of iHome themselves and if you want to solve this problem, you should only have one connected device at a time.

In your case that would be the iHome speaker.

disconnect device speaker

The Bluetooth signal tends to be weaker when having to send streams to multiple devices at the same time.

In that regard, forget ALL other connections, except the iHome speaker and test.

To disconnect a device from the iHome speaker, simply head to the Bluetooth settings of the connected device and disable the feature temporarily.

Notice: When you forget a Bluetooth connection, your device will no longer automatically connect to it when in range.

Solution #5 Resolve Signal Interference

Signal interference is what can make Bluetooth a nightmare to use.

There are certain objects, obstructions, and surfaces that the Bluetooth signal just cannot withstand and loses its connection to the receiver.

remove signal interference

We highly suggest checking your iHome speaker and device’s surroundings for potential objects of interference that interrupt the Bluetooth:

  • Solid furniture objects in front of your speaker or the connected device.
  • Other Bluetooth transmitters like the iHome speaker.
  • RF transmitters.
  • Routers and network components.
  • Thick walls between the connected device and the speaker.

Make sure to relieve any interference you can identify to exclude this possibility before moving on to resetting the iHome speaker completely.

Tip: Forget and reconnect your source device to the iHome speaker when ready.

Solution #6 Revert iHome Speaker To Factory Defaults

In case the iHome speaker keeps disconnecting, even after all previous solutions, then you should revert the settings of the device back to their factory settings.

This is the most trustworthy way to troubleshoot problems with the speaker and it should also solve the Bluetooth connectivity drops.

Here’s how to reset your iHome speaker’s settings back to their configuration values:

  1. Grab a sharp and thin object (needle or a similar object).
  2. Make sure that your iHome speaker is charged.
  3. Locate the reset pinhole on the back panel of the iHome speaker.
  4. Insert the thin object into the reset pinhole.
  5. Hold the power button inside for 30 seconds.
  6. Wait for your iHome speaker to reboot.
  7. The reset is done!

Easy as that, your iHome speaker should now be reset to the factory default settings.

You will have to re-establish the Bluetooth connection once again when the reset is over but the disconnects should no longer be there.

Alert: Don’t hold the needle inside the pinhole for less than 30 seconds or the reset won’t start.

Solution #6 Call Technical Support

When the problem continues even after all previous solutions you should seek further assistance from professionals.

The next step would be to use the iHome support service by inserting the model number on your device.

call tech support

There you would discover FAQ, troubleshooting guides, and, if necessary, personalized assistance from an iHome support representative.

That will be enough for you to understand whether your device unit is faulty or the problem is on your side.

Note: You would need registration at the iHome support page to use the automatic troubleshooter.

Quick Recap:

When iHome is disconnecting from the Bluetooth device you should shorten the distance and restart both devices. Proceed with resetting the Bluetooth settings, resolving possible interference, and reverting your iHome speaker to factory defaults.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you’re aware of why the iHome speaker keeps disconnecting from the Bluetooth source and the solution to the problem, it’s your turn.

Keep in mind that if you identify a Bluetooth connection problem with your iHome speaker, you should get in touch with iHome technical support to report your problem.

Nicole B