hulu app not working on xbox one

Don’t know what to do when the Hulu app not working on Xbox One? Keep reading!

There are quite a few reasons why Hulu won’t work on Xbox One. Let’s explore!

When the Hulu app is not working on Xbox One, users need to check whether their console is connected to the internet and if their account has an active Hulu subscription. In case the problem is persistent, the Hulu app should be reinstalled.

Why Is Hulu Not Working On Xbox One?

why hulu not working xbox one

If the Hulu application platform isn’t working as intended on your Xbox One, there are many causes for this occurrence.

First of all, if you’re certain that everything is working well on your Xbox One, the problem could be simply with Hulu’s servers.

Excluding the possibility of server downtime, here’s what could be wrong:

Internet Connection Issue

Your Xbox One requires active and reliable internet to connect with Hulu’s servers and stream the content.

If your console is disconnected, Hulu won’t be accessible for the time being.

Application Issue

A problem with the Hulu platform on your Xbox can prevent playback.

Such platform issues can include outdated versions, corrupted data, and incorrect account/privacy settings.

Console Settings Problem

Console problems that can impact Hulu can be many.

They can vary from issues with the location, incorrect language, outdated device software, and more.

Let’s now learn how to resolve the Hulu app problem on your Xbox One:

How To Fix When Hulu App Not Working On Xbox One?

how to fix hulu app not working

To solve the Hulu app problem on the Xbox One, we’re going to undertake a chronological list of solutions so you need to make sure not to skip anything.

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Restart Your Xbox & Test

The first thing you should attempt is to restart your Xbox and test the Hulu application to determine if it is going to work.

By restarting your Xbox, you will refresh the entire system and reload all bad services that are preventing you from accessing Hulu.

Follow these instructions to restart your Xbox One (through the software) and test:

  1. Grab ahold of your Xbox One controller.
  2. Press the Xbox button in the center of the controller.
  3. Wait for the power center to appear.
  4. Press the “Restartoption from the list.
  5. Wait for the Xbox One to reboot.
  6. Once the console starts, wait for it to load.
  7. Attempt to access Hulu through your Xbox One console.
Note: Make sure to give your Xbox One some time to load after the restart.

Solution #2 Connect Xbox One To The Internet

connect xbox one to internet

The Hulu application is not going to work if your Xbox One is not connected to the internet.

All online streaming platforms, such as Hulu, require an active internet connection to broadcast.

Your console may have accidentally disconnected from the WiFi, as a result of a network restart, password change, or an outage.

Here’s how to connect your Xbox One to the internet in easy steps:

  1. Press the Xbox button.
  2. Wait for the Guide to open.
  3. Go to Profile & System.
  4. Locate the Settings tab and enter it.
  5. Go to General.
  6. Enter the Network Settings tab.
  7. Select your wireless network from the ones that have appeared.
  8. Enter the WiFi key and press “Connect”.
Notice: Make sure that your network and WiFi are online while connecting your Xbox One to the internet or the process will fail.

Solution #3 Update Hulu/Xbox One

update hulu or xbox one

Your next step is to get both your Hulu application and Xbox software updated.

When one of both instances is running an outdated (not supported) version of the firmware, many application problems are expected.

Note: Keeping your Xbox updated will provide you with the latest features and hotfixes!

Let’s first get your Xbox updated:

How To Update Xbox One Software?

  1. Press the Xbox button on your Xbox controller.
  2. Go to Profile & system.
  3. Head to Settings.
  4. Enter the System tab.
  5. Press on “Updates”.
  6. Press the “Keep my console up to date” checkbox.

If there are any pending updates, your Xbox will apply them as soon as possible!

How To Update Hulu On Xbox One?

update hulu app
  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One.
  2. Go to the Library.
  3. Press on “Get updates”.
  4. Select Hulu to be updated.
  5. Wait for Hulu to be updated.
Tip: In “System” under “Settings” on your Xbox, you can enable “Keep my games & apps up to date” to make your Xbox automatically apply updates.

Solution #4 Change Location Settings

It is a fact that Hulu is only available to residents of the US, Puerto Rico, and Japan.

If your Xbox One’s location is not set to a residency within the above-mentioned locations, Hulu will be unavailable for you both through the app and the browser version.

Here’s how to adjust the location settings of your Xbox so you can access Hulu:

  1. Open the Guide on your Xbox One.
  2. Navigate to the Settings.
  3. Scroll down and enter the System tab.
  4. Locate the “Locationtab in the system settings of the Xbox One.
  5. Enter the location tab.
  6. Press on “Set Location”.
  7. Adjust the location to the US and choose a state.
  8. Fill in the rest of the information that is required.
  9. Save the changes and exit the tab.
Note: Your Xbox will require a restart once the location settings are changed. Make sure to accept the reboot prompt and wait for the restart.

Solution #5 Renew & Verify Account

renew and verify account

Hulu may not be working for you on your Xbox One if either the subscription expired or the payment you sent didn’t pass through.

Regardless, a verification that your Hulu account is active is required and in some cases, you’ll need to re-subscribe to a certain plan.

To check your account, follow these instructions:

  1. Open up a browser on your Xbox or another device.
  2. Go to
  3. Use your account’s username and password to log in.
  4. Go to “Subscription” once logged in.
  5. Check if your subscription is active.
  6. If your subscription has expired, renew your payment credentials.
  7. Purchase a service plan.
  8. Check if Hulu will not work on your Xbox.
Notice: To see changes regarding Hulu’s functionality on your Xbox, make sure that you’re logged in and with the correct account.

Solution #6 Reinstall The Hulu Platform

reinstall the hulu platform

If there was no problem with your Hulu account, then you should reinstall the Hulu application platform on your Xbox One.

If some of the app’s data got corrupted, the app will refuse to work at all on your console and your only choice then is to install the app from scratch.

Here’s how to cleanly reinstall Hulu on your Xbox One in easy steps:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your Xbox to open up the Guide.
  2. Go to My games & apps.
  3. Press on “See all”.
  4. Select Hulu from the list.
  5. Choose “Uninstall”.
  6. Next, head to the Microsoft Store.
  7. Use the search field to locate Hulu and install it.
  8. Relog to Hulu using your account.
  9. Check if the problem with Hulu is now resolved.
Alert: Keep in mind that your Xbox One must be connected to the internet in order to download and install from the Microsoft store.

How To Check If Hulu Is Down?

check if hulu is down

If none of our solutions got your problem resolved, Hulu servers are likely to be down

Check the official social media channels of Hulu or talk to support staff to know the status.

If Hulu is reported to be down, give it a couple of hours and the servers should get available.

Once the platform is back online, you will be able to access the application on your Xbox One!

Quick Recap:

Thus, Hulu is not working on Xbox One because the console is not connected to the internet or the Hulu servers are temporarily down. Another possibility would be corrupted data within the app and the solution is to cleanly install the platform.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why the Hulu app not working on Xbox One and what the solution includes, we can solve the problem at home or at least know what’s happening.

In case Hulu servers are temporarily down, on the checkup page, there should be an estimated downtime!

We hope that this post was helpful and to find more relevant content, check our blog!

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