how to turn on toshiba tv without remote

Wondering how to turn on Toshiba TV without remote in just minutes? If you read the entire guide, you’ll be able to do it in seconds!

Here we’ll explain the ways to turn on your Toshiba TV without a remote so you can decide for yourself which approach is most suitable.

To turn on your Toshiba TV, you could either use the Toshiba app if it is already paired with your TV, connected console, a power button, or the volume down and volume up buttons on the side panel of your TV.

Next, we’re going to discuss each possible way in detail so you can choose the one that suits you best and use it whenever necessary.

How To Turn On Toshiba TV Without The Remote?

turn on toshiba tv without remote

To understand how to turn on your Toshiba TV without using a remote, you must first determine what type of buttons your TV has.

Some users say that models released below 2017 will have a built-in power button, which will let you turn on/off your TV.

If you’re here, then your model is most probably after 2017 where the hardware power button is not available and there is only the volume up/down buttons on the side panel.

Here are all the ways to turn on your Toshiba TV without using a remote:

Method #1 Turn ON Toshiba TV Using The Hardware Buttons

On your Toshiba TV, there would be either hardware buttons on the lower back panel of your TV or volume buttons on the side panel.

Keep in mind that volume buttons instead of only turning your TV on would also control the volume.

Search for the buttons around your TV and make sure to cover each spot on the side and back panel.

Once found, based on whether they are volume or power buttons, try pressing them once.

You should be able to immediately see the Toshiba logo appearing on your TV screen, which will indicate that your TV is running a boot sequence.

Note: Keep in mind that the volume buttons will only TURN ON your Toshiba TV but never turn it off later.

Once the TV is working the volume buttons will only control the volume levels so to turn OFF your TV you’ll need to disconnect the power adapter.

Method #2 Turn ON Toshiba TV Using The Mobile Application

Since many users have their Toshiba Smart Center connected to Toshiba TV, there is an easy way to provoke a boot through the app itself.

Follow the steps down below to potentially pair the Toshiba app and turn on your TV:

  1. If you still haven’t downloaded the Toshiba app, go to the Google Play or App Store and download it to your phone.
  2. Once installed, log in to the app and go to the Dashboard.
  3. From the dashboard page, check if your Toshiba TV is auto-discoverable.
  4. If not, click on “Add Device” and place your phone near your TURNED OFF TV.
  5. Wait for the scan to complete and once found, establish a connection between your phone and TV.
Note: Toshiba TVs are automatically scannable even when turned off. 

It is possible that your app might have found your TV in advance, without choosing “Add Device” in the Fire TV app.

Once connected, the Toshiba app will allow you access to a special digital remote found within the app.

This remote will have all features a usual hardware remote has, including power and volume buttons at your disposal.

To turn on your Toshiba TV now, make sure the power adapter is secured and press the power button in the digital remote once.

Your Toshiba TV will undergo a boot and in a matter of seconds, your TV should be on the start menu.

Method #3 Turn ON Toshiba TV Using A Console

If the previous methods were not enough and you’re still wondering how to turn on Toshiba TV without remote, you can do it via a gaming console connected with HDMI.

There is a feature that will turn on your TV when you turn on the console.

For this purpose, you would only need the console (Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch) and their respected controller.

Once acquired, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the console to another TV via HDMI cable.
  2. Turn on the TV and select the console source to enter the menu.
  3. Go to Profile & System > Settings > General.
  4. In general, go to Power mode & Startup and find the TV & A/V power options.
  5. Enable the feature and save the changes.
  6. Power off the console and hook it up to your Toshiba TV using, again, the HDMI.
  7. Turn ON the console and your TV should turn on with it.

From now on when you turn on your console, your TV will turn ON as well. In case the HDMI cable is disconnected that benefit will no longer work.

As far as turning it off, you can either use the chance while your TV is on, to set up the mobile app or simply unplug the power cable.

How To Turn Up Volume On Toshiba TV Without Remote?

Since users that can turn on their TV without a remote are looking for a way to control and diagnose their TV’s volume, there is a way.

If your Toshiba TV has built-in volume down/up buttons, you should be able to easily control the volume. Otherwise, you can use the consoles connected to your TV or another third-party device.

Here are all of the ways to turn the volume up of your Toshiba TV without a remote:

1. Using the Hardware Buttons

Built-in hardware buttons on the back of your TV should allow you to adjust the volume.

2. Console

The console’s volume will operate your TV’s volume as well.

3. The Mobile App

The digital remote in the mobile application can easily control the volume of your Toshiba TV.

4. Universal Remote

Lastly, a universal remote would do just fine as long as you’re only adjusting the volume levels of your TV.

Using any of the above-described approaches should be able to adjust the volume of your TV as per your preferences.

However, regardless of your case, it’s always best to repair or replace your default remote as it remains the easiest way to control your TV.

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Bottom Line:

To turn on Toshiba TV without a remote, use the Toshiba app’s digital remote, the power button on the back panel of your TV, or the respective volume/down-up buttons. You can also turn on your TV using a connected console’s controller or by re-plugging the power adapter.

Now that you know how to turn on Toshiba TV without remote, you can freely choose one of our options to turn ON your TV.

After all, you can always jump to the nearest tech store and buy a universal remote, which will be able to turn on your TV just fine.

We hope this post was helpful and you were able to turn on your Toshiba TV without a remote, and if you’re experiencing other difficulties in your setup, make sure to check our blog!

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