how to lock carrier thermostat

Asking how to lock carrier thermostat easily? Make sure to stick by the end of this guide!

Locking your Carrier thermostat might sometimes come in handy, especially if you have children running around the house.

It would practically prevent the settings from being changed and the temperature getting adjusted without permission.

To lock your Carrier thermostat, first, make sure that the device is running and your HVAC system is online. Next, look for the “MODE” and arrow up/down buttons. Once you find these buttons, press and hold the MODE button and then press both of the “UP” & “DOWN” arrow buttons simultaneously. The lock icon should appear.

If you’re after a more detailed guideline than that, make sure to keep reading as we unveil the complete process of locking and then unlocking your Carrier thermostat.

About Locking/Unlocking On Carrier Thermostat

Some users might be unaware of their thermostat’s locking and unlocking capabilities.

This in-built feature of your thermostat allows locking the features and the temperature settings without permission.

It would practically make the buttons on your Carrier thermostat unavailable to be clicked.

Therefore, nobody in your household will be able to adjust the temperature or any of the settings without unlocking it first.

Important: Locking your thermostat DOES NOT prevent it from maintaining the temperatures that were designed in the settings. 

Only the buttons of the device will become nonfunctional until further notice or until the unlock sequence is executed.

Having that said, let’s now learn how to lock your Carrier thermostat!

How To Lock Carrier Thermostat Easily?

lock carrier thermostat

Locking your Carrier thermostat is relatively easy as long as you know what you’re doing.

It is also important to find out how to unlock the device later, in case you want to adjust the temperatures at given moments during your day.

Here is how to lock a Carrier thermostat:

Step #1 Prepare Your Device

The first step is meant for preparation purposes. What you will want to do here, is make sure that your thermostat is up and running.

It is also recommended to assign any kind of temperature, based on the weather outside, so you could later justify whether you locked the device or not.

For this purpose, it is also important that your HVAC system is also functional and you will be able to tell whether the thermostat is doing its job or not. 

Once you’re certain that both your HVAC system and carrier thermostat are functional, let’s move on to examining the device’s hardware buttons.

Step #2 Learn Your Thermostat’s Buttons

Once you have your system set up and ready to go, your next step is to examine the buttons on your Carrier thermostat.

The assistance of the buttons of your thermostat would be required in order to lock them so, it is important to learn where they are and what they do

Here are the buttons you will need on your thermostat and what is their function:

1. “MODEButton

The mode button allows you to change the mode of your thermostat when pressed (locked or unlocked mode).

2. Up Arrow

This key is for navigation purposes. In order to confirm the lock sequence later, you will need to use this button as well as the down arrow.

3. Down Arrow

In combination with the up arrow, you will be able to activate the lock sequence further on.

Those are the three main buttons you will be using during the locking process. Keep in mind that you would also need them for unlocking later.

Step #3 Locate The MODE And Arrow Up/Down Buttons

Now that you know which buttons are you going to need exactly, your next step is to search for them on your thermostat’s hardware.

The “MODE” button is usually on the right side of your thermostat and the up/down arrow (the navigation buttons) should be easily visible on the left side.

After identifying the buttons of your thermostat, let’s now move on to learn how to lock a Carrier thermostat.

Step #4 Execute The Lock Sequence

If you’ve read everything till this point, you will know the buttons responsible for locking your thermostat’s position on the device’s hardware.

Double-check if your thermostat is running and proceed with the instructions below:

  1. Press and hold the “MODEbutton until any output from your thermostat.
  2. Hold both the up/down arrows of your thermostat.
  3. Wait for the lock icon to appear on your thermostat.
This will successfully lock your thermostat until further notice.

If you’re not certain that your device is locked, you will be able to identify that in the next step.

Step #5 Check If Your Thermostat Is Locked

Some users who tend to have locked their Carrier thermostat have inquiries whether they have done it right or not.

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to learn whether your Carrier thermostat has been locked or you’re still able to change the features.

To determine whether your thermostat has been locked or not, simply try to press any of the buttons on its hardware.

If the device is locked, the icon with a little “lock” will keep appearing on your device’s screen, indicating that this function is impossible while there is no permission.

If you wish to, later on, learn how to unlock your thermostat, proceed with the next part of this guide below.

How To Unlock Carrier Thermostat?

unlock carrier thermostat

Unlocking your carrier thermostat is done the same way as you lock it.

Many users are looking for an explanation to this question, but really unlocking your thermostat is done by holding the MODE button and proceeding with pressing both of the navigation arrows.

You will know that your thermostat has been unlocked, once the “lock” icon disappears from your screen and you’re able to adjust the temperature and access the settings.

If you’re not able to unlock the thermostat or the device behaves weirdly, perform a power cycle by unplugging the power adapter from the outlet.

Then wait for a few minutes, plug in your device in the power and check if you can now unlock it, following the guideline above.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to lock your carrier thermostat, press and hold the “MODE” button to change the device’s mode. Once you see an output of your thermostat, hold both of the navigation arrows until a “lock” icon appears on your device’s screen. You can check if your thermostat has been locked by inputting any function and waiting for your access to be denied.

After finding out how to lock carrier thermostat, we hope you were able to forbid any access to your thermostat before confirmation by the one who locked it.

Users are curious about those types of functions in regard to their thermostats since it can really come in handy whenever the little ones are running around the house.

If you found this guide helpful, perhaps you will want to check some other posts in our online technical blog.

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