how to connect wiz light to google home

If you are wondering, it’s actually easy to learn how to connect WiZ light to Google Home.

We will provide you with the complete step-to-step guide on how to set up WiZ light to Google Home in a matter of minutes.

The setup process is relatively simple, as long as you follow the correct instructions from our guide.

To connect the WiZ light to Google Home, open the smartphone app and press the “+” button to add a device. Choose “Set up device” and then press “Have something already set up?”. Scroll down to find the “WiZ” option and select it. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

Let’s learn what are the complete steps to setting up your WiZ light to Google Home.

How To Connect WiZ To Google Home?

connect wiz light to google home

The instructions that are coming up in our guide are designed to easily connect WiZ to your Google Home application.

Make sure you read our steps consecutively to learn the entire setup process for your WiZ light and avoid issues.

Here’s how to connect WiZ to Google Home in two different methods:

1st Method – Integrate Automatically

The easiest way so far to integrate your WiZ light to Google Home is the automatic integration.

This will set up your WiZ bulb without going to the WiZ application, even if you have it installed.

Here’s how to set up your WiZ light bulb directly through Google Home:

connect automatically

Step #1 Prepare WiZ Bulb & Google Home

In the first step, you should prepare your WiZ bulb along with the Google Home application that you will be connecting to in this guide.

You should have your light turned on and the Google Home application opened and ready to pair.

To turn on your WiZ bulb, you need to flick the light switch. This will practically enable the light and make it discoverable through your Google Home application.

In regard to Google Home, simply ensure that the application is opened on your phone.

Alert: This step is shared for both of the methods and should be executed before applying any of our instructions.

Step #2 Go To Settings

In your Google Home app, open the Settings tab to set up your WiZ bulb with Google Home.

You will want to press the settings indicator at the top of the page to access the Google Home settings, from where you can set up WiZ.

Step #3 Connect WiZ

Once in the settings, here’s how to set up your WiZ light bulb to work with Google Home automatically, through the “App Flip” method:

  1. In the settings, tap the “+” button and then have selected “Set up device”.
  2. Go to “Have something already set up” and choose “WiZ” in the following steps.
  3. Tap on “Agree and Link” and wait for a few minutes while your WiZ bulb is set up.
Note: Ensure that you wait for the last 5-10 minutes for your WiZ light bulb to connect.

It usually takes much shorter, but the performance of your bulb may be obstructed, which by itself will require additional time to pair.

2nd Method – Integrate Manually Through WiZ App

use wiz app

If the previous method didn’t work for you, there’s an alternative solution that includes integrating through the WiZ app.

You will practically copy the code of your bulb in the WiZ app and have it pasted into Google Home for manual integration.

Here’s how to connect WiZ light to Google Home through a manual integration:

Step #1 Access Google Home

For this step, you must open Google Home on your smartphone.

Since you will be using this application only, it’s important to have it opened and prepared on your mobile smartphone to set up WiZ.

Once you’ve opened Google Home, proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Install WiZ App

Once your devices are ready, you should install the WiZ application to allow access for your bulb to connect with Google Home.

You will be required to do that because otherwise, your bulb won’t be compatible with the Home application of Google.

Here’s how to download and enable the Google Home skill on your bulb:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Google Play/App Store.
  2. In the search field, do “WiZ app”.
  3. Locate the application at the top of the page.
  4. Initiate a download for the WiZ app and wait.
Once the application is installed, proceed with our next step to allow access to Google Home for your WiZ bulb.

Step #3 Allow Access To Google Home

When you’ve got the Wiz application, now you should allow your bulb to be connected with Google Home.

To do that, follow these instructions:

  1. On your WiZ app, go to Home Settings and scroll down to Integrations.
  2. Tap on Google Home and enable the “skill” with the toggle button.
  3. Copy the code that will appear on your screen once the skill is enabled.

Once this is done, your next and last step is in the Google Home app. Keep reading to successfully connect WiZ light to Google Home.

Step #4 Finish Manual Integration

Now you should go to the Google Home app. Here’s how to connect your WiZ light to Google Home by integrating it manually:

  1. In your Google Home app, tap the “+button.
  2. Choose “Have something already set up?”.
  3. Tap on “WiZ”, by searching it onto the field.
  4. On the next page, go to “Set up integration manually”.
  5. Enter the code you’ve copied earlier, in the WiZ app.
  6. Wait a bit for your light to be set up.

With these steps, your bulb should be connected in less than a minute!

Why Wiz Light Not Connecting To Google Home?

still wiz not connecting

If you’ve attempted both of the methods in this post and your Wiz light does not connect to Google Home there are quite a few things to inspect.

1. WiFi

In case your WiFi/internet is currently going through outages you might experience issues discovering and pairing your devices.

2. Device Problem

Your device might be having issues and the best approach would be to perform a restart.

3. App Issue

Your Google home or Wiz application might be having trouble and the best solution would be a clean reinstallation.

In case you’ve attempted everything and the pairing still does not work, the next step would be to reach out to Google support center or Wiz customer service.

Tip: Check if your Wiz light warranty is in-tact since you might be having a faulty unit.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to connect WiZ to Google Home, tap the “+” in the Google Home app and select “Already have something set up?”. Choose WiZ in the options list and tap on “Agree and Continue”. Lastly, wait for your bulb to be successfully set up.

Now that you know how to connect WiZ light to Google Home, use our steps to pair your device to the application and have them work together.

The setup process is really easy and our instructions will make it even more straightforward for you! For more similar guides and posts, make sure to check out our online technical blog!

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