how to connect ps4 to alexa

Wondering how to connect PS4 to Alexa? Well, there is one way to do it but only if you’re ready for extra investment.

A connection between Alexa and PlayStation 4 was never intended, but there is a workaround to make it work via 3rd party device.

To connect PS4 to Alexa, you will need the Harmony google assistant. First, add your PS4 device to the harmony devices and next, you must add the harmony device itself to Alexa. Voice commands coming from Alexa will be forwarded to the Harmony device and then to the PS4.

If that wasn’t enough explanation, we will now review all details you should be aware of when connecting PS4 to Alexa.

Setting Up Google Harmony Assistant

As we’ve mentioned, you will require an external device to make the connection between your PS4 and Alexa.

The device you will need is the Google Harmony Assistant, which you can get right now for about 100$.

Once you have the device, run the quick setup in the Google Home app to make it work.

Here is how to set up your Google Harmony Assistant:

  1. Install the Google Home app by downloading it from the dedicated App Store.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  3. Open the Google Home app and tap the “+” in order to add a new device.
  4. Stand close to the Harmony hub until it’s detected.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions that will pop up.

After enabling your Google Harmony, follow the upcoming steps to connect PS4 to Alexa, via the Google Harmony device.

How Do I Connect My PS4 To Alexa?

ps4 alexa connection

The steps are pretty simple to apply so make sure to follow them in order because if you skip anything the entire workaround might not work.

Step #1 Prepare The Devices

We’ve decided to include a quick preparation so nothing goes wrong during the process.

For this step, make sure all of your three devices – Alexa, Harmony, and PS4, are up and running.

Check if they are connected to a reliable power source and nothing could potentially interrupt their power delivery.

Once you have all of the devices ready to go, proceed with the step down below to learn how to add the PS4 to your Harmony devices list.

Step #2 Add PS4 To Harmony

At least for now, you won’t be needing Alexa into the equation.

Since Harmony will directly take orders from Alexa, the PS4 must be connected to the Harmony assistant and not Alexa.

This is due to insufficient compatibility between Alexa and your consoles.

You will be able to control your PS4 through Harmony as well, but if you want to stick up with Alexa, there is a way to later add Harmony to Alexa.

Here is how to add your PS4 to the Harmony devices list:

  1. Open up the Google Home app on your smartphone.
  2. Select “Edit Devices” then hit the plus button to add another device.
  3. From the list choose “Entertainment Device”.
  4. Under the manufacturer field, choose “Sony”.
  5. Under the model number field, you’re good with typing just “PlayStation 4”.
  6. Hit on “Add knowledge” and allow the activity to use PS4.

By hitting “Allow”, you will confirm the connection between Harmony and PS4.

In other words, Harmony will be able to manage the volume as well as other functions you can later inspect in the Google Home app.

Step #3 Enable Harmony On PS4

enable harmony

After adding PS4 to Harmony, to make the Google assistant fully eligible, you must choose the inputs in your PS4.

You will be prompted to create an activity, which Harmony will use to control your PS4.

Follow these steps to set up the activity of your PS4:

  1. In your PS4, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Settings.
  2. Search for “Harmony Keyboard” and tap once to enable it.
  3. Close the settings menu on your PS4 and head to the home screen.
  4. Let your PS4 idle.

Once you have enabled Harmony on your PS4, it is now time to make the routine you want Alexa to later execute.

Step #4 Create PS4 Routine

Now when you have a basic idea of how to connect PS4 to Alexa, let’s proceed with creating a routine for your Alexa assistant.

Routines could include games, streaming platforms, anything you’d like, and set up in the Google Home app.

Once adding your PS4, you will be provided with on-screen steps to follow, in order to create your first routine.

Unfortunately, PS4 routines do not include power settings in general. You will have to manually turn your PS4 on/off.

Choose any routines you would like and set them up so they can be ready once your Alexa is hooked up to your Harmony assistant.

Step #5 Connect Alexa To Harmony Assistant

alexa to harmony assistant

To control your PS4 via Alexa, you must pair Alexa and the Harmony assistant first.

This could work by enabling the “Harmony skill” for Alexa and then connecting your Google account.

Follow the steps down below to link the Harmony assistant to Alexa in easy steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and head to the Settings.
  2. Open the skills tab and locate the “Harmony Hub Skill”.
  3. Press the slider once to enable it and you will be taken to another tab.
  4. In the next tab, you should link the very same Google account where you have your Harmony connected.
  5. Once you’ve connected the Google account in the Alexa app, wait for Alexa to scan for the Harmony hub.

Note: You must have Harmony connected or Alexa at all times or it will keep searching for several minutes and will fail eventually.

Step #6 Control PS4 With Alexa

control ps4 with alexa

In conclusion, to control your PS4 via Alexa, you can use the same commands you have created in the routine back in the Google Home app.

For instance, if you’ve created an activity that states “PS4, turn on Fifa21”, you should say that to Alexa and the message will be forwarded to the Harmony hub.

Once forwarded to the Harmony hub, PS4 will detect the message and turn on Fifa21 or whatever game or activity you’ve stated in the message.

In other words, any commands you’ve added to your Harmony hub will now be detectable by Alexa without any hardware input.

This is how to hook up Alexa to PS4, which is not quite simple and actually expensive especially if you don’t have the Harmony assistant at your disposal.

However, having Alexa turn on games, adjusting volume, and doing basically anything with your PS4 is really nice to have and if you have the time and efforts to set it up, then it will be with it.

To pair PS4 and Alexa, you will need the Google Harmony hub. First, set up the Harmony hub and connect the PS4 to it. Once done, connect Harmony to the same Google account where Alexa is connected and create activities in the Google Home app, including your PS4.

Now tell Alexa which command to execute.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to connect PS4 to Alexa easily, follow our steps to make your configuration work.

Since PS4 will soon be replaced by the brand new console Sony has released, you may find yourself short of many functions, including compatibility with voice assistants.

Maybe they will finally start supporting Alexa on its own? We can only assume.

Nicole B