homepod this accessory is not responding

If you see HomePod this accessory is not responding alert, you should know that there is a quick way to solve the problem.

The “This accessory is not responding” message will be displayed within Apple’s Home app, indicating an issue with your HomePod.

Keep in mind that the same message will also appear whenever your HomePod is turned off, unplugged, or goes through an update.

To fix your HomePod from not responding, perform a hard reset on the device and re-add it from the Home application. Check if the power supply of the device is sufficient and reconnect the HomePod to the WiFi. Only then, you shall execute a factory reset to solve the problem.

Why Does “HomePod This Accessory Is Not Responding” Message Appears?

homepod accessory not responding message

There could be several problems impacting your HomePod and making the home app say that the accessory is not responding.

In the upcoming list, we’ve extracted all possible causes for this issue so you could throw a quick eye on the case and move on to the troubleshooting.

Here’s what’s making your Home app say that the HomePod accessory is not responding:

1. HomePod turned off

You must make sure that your HomePod is fully functional and turned on.

2. An issue with the Home app

There are well-known issues that can occur between your HomePod and the Home app that may cause the not responding error.

3. HomePod power problem

An issue with your HomePod’s power supply may also lead up to issues such as the “not responding” message.

4. Software HomePod blunder

A problem with the software of your regular HomePod or mini version might also be causing the “not responding” notice.

5. No WiFi

Generally, the Home app tends to send the “not responding” error whenever your HomePod gets disconnected from the network.

Those were the general causes that could have impacted your HomePod functionality. Keep reading to learn how to solve the problem in no time!

How To Fix HomePod “This Accessory Isn’t Responding” Problem?

how to fix homepod

The HomePod mini accessory is not responding problems that can be recognized by several factors and solved by some simple methods.

Regardless of whether you’ve got the HomePod Mini or the regular HomePod our methods will be effective.

Tip: Test your HomePodafter each of the solutions we’ve prepared.

Solution #1 Turn On HomePod

The first thing you should determine is whether your HomePod is turned on or not.

There are plenty of situations where users get the “this accessory isn’t responding” problem, while the device is simply not turned on.

To boot your HomePod, you must make sure that it is connected to the power supply.

A chime will indicate the boot sequence once the HomePod is plugged into the power and you will know that the “not responding” problem will be solved.

Note: You will know that the HomePod is up and running by taking a look at the LEDs.

Solution #2 Reconnect HomePod To WiFi

reconnect homepod

If your HomePod isn’t connected to the WiFi, the device will remain inactive until further notice.

In that regard, what you should do next is connect the HomePod to your home’s WiFi to solve the problem.

Here’s how to connect your HomePod to a new WiFi:

  1. On your phone, connect with the desired WiFi network.
  2. Open the Home app and enter your HomePod settings.
  3. Search for a bolded message stating where the HomePod is currently connected.
  4. Tap on the yellow text to make the automatic WiFi change of your HomePod.
Note: Ensure that you’re entering the correct password for the home WiFi network.

Solution #3 Hard Reset HomePod

We recommend a hard reset on your HomePod. This process practically discharges the device out of any remaining electricity and fix any power bugs and glitches it may have.

Moreover, the hard reset is done with the main power supply of the device, thus, you will need access to the device’s power adapter.

Here’s how to perform a hard reset on your HomePod with easy steps:

  1. Go over to your HomePod or HomePod mini.
  2. Locate the power adapter of the device and where it connects.
  3. Unplug the adapter of the power source.
  4. Standby for 5 minutes.
  5. Reconnect the power adapter.
Alert: Avoid using any strips or dividers to avoid additional power issues with the HomePod.

Solution #4 Re-Add HomePod From Home App

readd home pod

A process that works as something like a reset is re-adding your HomePod from the Home app.

There could be a glitch or bug, making your HomePod inactivate, which essentially can be solved by re-adding the device from the Home app.

Here’s how to re-add your HomePod from the Home app in easy steps:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Home app.
  2. Go to the Devices tab and select the problematic HomePod.
  3. Tap on “Remove Device”.
  4. Re-discover the HomePod using the “Add Device” button.
  5. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to finish configuring your device.
Note: You can track whether the HomePod responds, under the “Info” tab in the Home app.

Solution #5 Update HomePod OS

update the os

HomePod, this accessory is not responding issue could be occurring because of an outdated version that cannot communicate with your home app.

In that regard, you should attempt to update the HomePod to see if that will help.

  1. Open the Home app application.
  2. Choose Home.
  3. Select your HomePod (even if “not responding”).
  4. Attempt to turn ON the automatic updates, if disabled.
  5. Look for an orange button labeled “UPDATE ALL”.
  6. Press the Update button and wait for the update to complete.
Note: If you’re unable to update your HomePod, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #6 Reset Your HomePod

reset homepod

If nothing from our solutions worked so far, what you should do is perform a factory reset on your HomePod or HomePod mini.

The factory reset practically reverts all software configurations of your HomePod to default, solving any software corruption.

Here’s how to factory reset your HomePod with easy instructions:

  1. Go over to your HomePod.
  2. Make sure that the device is connected to power.
  3. Unplug the device’s power adapter.
  4. Hit the button on the top of the device.
  5. Plug the device’s power adapter back into the source.
  6. Your HomePod is now reset!
Note: You will know that the reset is complete, once your HomePod reboots and all the LEDs become active.

HomePod Still Not Responding…

homepod not responding

In case nothing helps, the best next step you’ve got is to contact the Apple customer center.

They will provide you with a long troubleshooting guide, made by experts that have a high chance of solving your issue.

The other workaround would be to check if your warranty is intact and contact Apple to demand a replacement unit.

To fix a HomePod “not responding” problem, power cycle the device and ensure it is turned on. Reconnect it with the home network’s WiFi and then hook it up from the Home app as well. Lastly, perform a factory reset on the HomePod by pressing the button on top.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know what causes the HomePod this accessory is not responding issue, feel free to use our solutions to fix the problem.

You may additionally contact Apple’s support center to get this issue reviewed and you will be provided with additional fix suggestions!

Nicole B