bosch dishwasher no lights on control panel

Wondering why Bosch Dishwasher no lights on control panel

Boch Dishwasher is the best utility product that not only just cleans the dishes but also it indicates the dishwasher’s actions via control panel lights.

Occasionally, these indicator lights put users in trouble by failing to illuminate so, this guide is for you!

Bosch Dishwasher’s no panel lights, the main cause is a Power Failure. In addition, a faulty dishwasher panel or blown fuse might also impact the lights on the control panel. The solution requires locating faults in your Bosch Dishwasher and addressing them.

Let’s learn how to fix the Bosch Dishwasher control panel lights issue with no technical steps!

How To Fix Bosch Dishwasher No Lights On Control Panel?

how fix bosch dishwasher no lights

If your dishwasher control panel lights won’t turn on, then there are many things that cause this failure issue.

There are two general occasions on which you could be in:

  • No panel lights, but the dishwasher is operational.
  • The dishwasher is not working, with no panel lights.

The solution guide below helps in ALL cases so let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Restart Dishwasher 

The very first thing you need to ensure is whether your dishwasher is getting the proper power supply or not.

By restarting the dishwasher, you will easily get to know whether the power outlet or cord has a fault or not. 

Inspect Outlet!

inspect your outlet

Check the outlet of the dishwasher to make sure it is functioning properly before restarting it.

To test plug a secondary device such as your phone into the outlet to check the functioning.

If you are sure that the outlet is functional, then go ahead ‌and restart your device.

Here is how you can restart your Bosch Dishwasher:

  1. Unplug the Power Adapter from the outlet.
  2. Check the cord from both ends for any breakage.
  3. Wait for at least 3 minutes.
  4. Plug the cord back into the outlet.

After restarting, it’s possible that the light turned on, but if not, there may be another fault causing the issue with the dishwasher control panel lights.

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Note: Make sure your Bosch Dishwasher is turned on if it is connected to a wall switch!

Solution #2 Reset The Power Breaker

reset the power breaker

If the control panel lights on the Bosch Dishwasher are still not there after restarting it, then you need to reset the fuse or home power breaker (main AC line).

The only need to reset the power fuse is to refresh the power supply and check whether the fuse is actually working.

Here is how you can reset the power breaker:

  1. Turn off the breaker or remove the power fuse from the breaker.
  2. Wait for at least 60 seconds.
  3. Turn on the AC breaker.
  4. Check to see whether or not the Dishwasher control panel lights are turned on.
  5. If not, then test whether or not the fuse is working for a quick replacement.

Move on to the next solutions if you are sure that the power outlet, breaker, and cord are operating as intended.

All of the following solutions exclude these possibilities!

Solution #3 Close The Door Latches!

close the latches

The Bosch Dishwasher won’t turn on until the door is properly closed.

The reason the control panel lights are not turning on might be due to not completely closed door latches.

Solution: All you need to do is close the BOsch Dishwasher door latches!

Sometimes there could be an obstruction so take ALL dishes out, and check whether the door makes contact with the latch upon closing.

If, necessary, clean the ports and make sure that the door is fully closed before performing another test on the control board lights.

Tip: When the door is fully closed, restart the Bosch Dishwasher and test.

Solution #4 Inspect Control Panel

inspect your control panel

In case you’re concerned that Bosch Dishwasher has no power to the control panel, there may be a problem with the control panel itself.

Therefore, it is important to either repair or replaces the control panel. However, performing a thorough inspection first is necessary!

Here is how you can inspect your Bosch Dishwasher control panel:

  1. Remove the control panel from the dishwasher.
  2. Clean ALL the terminals and cables (ports and entries).
  3. Check all the cable ends and make sure everything is fine.
  4. Connect the cables and control panel back into the dishwasher.
  5. Check whether the lights on the control panel are turned on or not.
Note: The lights should come ON the moment you plug the Bosch Dishwasher into the power!

Solution #5 Disable Child Lock Mode

disable the child lock

There’s a possibility that your Bosch Dishwasher has a Child Lock mode on! 

This mode is designed to prevent children from operating the machine. While guarding the device against any damage, this mode doesn’t harm your dishwasher.

If you are unsure whether or not the child lock mode is activated on your Bosch dishwasher, all you need to do is turn it off so it returns to its proper functioning.

Here is how you can disable the Child Lock mode from your Bosch Dishwasher:

  1. Locate the lock catch from above the door.
  2. Press and hold the lock catch to the right side.
  3. Next, press the lock catch to the backward position.
  4. Now the Child Lock mode is deactivated.

Check whether the control panel lights are now lit. If not, proceed with the next step!

Solution #6 Check Electronic Panel

check the panel

The Electronic Panel is responsible for the power flow in each dishwasher component.

But if it gets some fault, then it causes issues despite having a proper power supply.

It is important to inspect the panel if your dishwasher is running a cycle but doesn’t have indicator lights on!

Here is how you can check the dishwasher’s electronic panel:

  1. Take an MM600 multimeter to check the electronic panel Resistance.
  2. Check if the resistance lies between 2000-3500, then the panel needs to be replaced.
  3. Otherwise, the panel is working fine. 

In case the electronic panel is not the culprit, continue with the next solution!

Solution #7 Test Thermal Fuse

test the thermal

The overheated dishwasher also trips the thermal fuse. That’s why no light will show up on the control panel.

So, maybe your Bosch Dishwasher thermal fuse developed a fault so you would need to run a Continuity Test to check whether or not the thermal fuse is causing the issue.

Here is how you can test the thermal fuse of your Bosch Dishwasher:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the door to access the Control Panel.
  3. Remove the Thermal Fuse and connected cables.
  4. Take an MM600 multimeter and set it to Rx1.
  5. The thermal fuse is working if it has a reading of zero or nearer.
  6. But if there is no continuity, then replace the fuse.

In case the thermal fuse is also not causing the problem, let’s keep on reading!

Solution #8 Inspect Main Control Board

inspect the main control bard

The Bosch Dishwasher board that isn’t working properly is probably causing the issue with the control panel indicator lights.

Even when the dishwasher has adequate electricity, it still has issues because of frayed cables or lost connections, which actually prevent the power supply.

Of course, the Bosch Dishwasher’s main control board has to be inspected for the problematic part.

Replacing the entire main control board is not necessary if you locate any faulty parts.

Don’t make an impulsive purchase of a Bosch Dishwasher board or component.

Replace only with parts that are compatible with your Bosch dishwasher model.

Note: Ask the electrician for assistance if you are unsure how to inspect your dishwasher!

Quick Recap:

Hence, when the Bosch Dishwasher control panel lights are OFF, we need to inspect the machine’s power supply. In case it’s OK, we need to use a multimeter to inspect the electrical board and thermal fuse. Based on our findings we can then solve the issue!

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we have covered the Bosch Dishwasher no lights on control panel issue in detail.

What we’ve learned is that when the lights disappear, it does not mean anything good and we’ll need to perform a thorough inspection of our setup to identify the issue!

Nicole B