aprilaire thermostat not cooling

If your AprilAire thermostat not cooling, we have the easiest solution for you!

The reason why is your thermostat is not cooling, it could either be with the device itself or the HVAC system you own.

In either case, you can attempt plenty of things to get this problem resolved and we will help you along the way!

The AprilAire thermostat unit may not be cooling due to worn-out batteries or no electricity is reaching your HVAC system at all. The furnace’s door could also be opened or the safety clog has been inserted into your furnace’s pipe.

There’s definitely more to this problem than this, so keep reading as we review it in detail!

Why Is The AprilAire Thermostat Not Cooling?

Your AprilAire thermostat’s ability to cool may be disrupted by many factors.

Since the thermostat directly tells the HVAC system what to do, you may want to be searching for the problem in the HVAC system, rather than your thermostat entirely.

Here is what might be causing the issue with your AprilAire thermostat:

1. The Furnace Door Isn’t Closed

When having the door of the HVAC’s furnace even slightly opened, the AprilAire thermostat won’t enable the cooling in your system.

2. The Thermostat Has No Batteries

The two alkaline AA batteries inside of your thermostat could have reached their limit and can no longer support the unit’s function.

3. The Cooling Isn’t Enabled

To trigger your thermostat’s cooling feature, there are specific settings you must select in the provided menu.

4. Faulty Thermostat Wirings

The wires that connect your thermostat to the HVAC system may have gotten damaged, therefore the cooling won’t be enabled.

5. Incorrect Cooling Settings

Cooling might be enabled but the set temperature might be the same as the environment. In such a case, you won’t notice any difference.

These were the possibilities behind this issue. To learn how to exclude them one by one, proceed with the solution guide below.

How To Fix When The AprilAire Thermostat Isn’t Cooling?

fix aprilaire thermostat not cooling

Now that we’ve got the causes out of the way, let’s attempt to get the cooling problem with your AprilAire thermostat fixed.

Ensure that you follow the order of our fixes and the instructions carefully, for the best effects at troubleshooting.

Here’s how to solve the cooling problem with your AprilAire thermostat:

Solution #1 Turn On Power To HVAC System

If you’ve disabled the power of your HVAC system, the thermostat won’t cool. Note that the circuit breaker isn’t the only place where you control the power of your HVAC system.

Each and every HVAC furnace has a power button implemented that you can enable/disable the power with.

power on HVAC System

In that regard, head over to your HVAC system compartment and press the power button on the furnace.

This should enable the power supply of all ACs, the furnace, and all devices currently connected, including your thermostat. If it’s enabled, turn the system OFF and then ON to perform a restart.

Note: Although the thermostat’s power is not operated by that button, when disabled, it can still prevent the thermostat from cooling.

Solution #2 Close HVAC System Furnace Door

Not fully closed furnace door of your HVAC system will prevent your thermostat from cooling at all.

This is to evade any danger of flooding, or another malfunction related to the furnace.

close hvac door

To solve this problem, all you have to do is simply close the furnace door of your HVAC system and test your thermostat once again.

Ensure that the magnets of the furnace’s door have made contact so that the system can sense that the door has been closed securely.

Test your thermostat once the door has been closed appropriately.

Note: Apply mild force when closing the door, in case there are any obstructions.

Solution #3 Unflip The Safe-T-Switch

The Safe-T-Switch is another clog-like instrument that practically disables your system from working, after danger of malfunction.

For instance, when the system starts to overheat or there is a dangerous problem with the power supply, the Safe-T-Switch will automatically trigger to preserve the system’s functionality.

Unfortunately, you will have to manually disconnect the switch after some kind of malfunction or simple power outage.

Until then, your system won’t either cool or heat and all you can do at that stage are remove the safety switch.

Note: The switch is located on the pipe coming out of your furnace and requires a little force to be unclogged.

Solution #4 Reset The Thermostat

reset aprilaire thermostat

Additionally, you can perform a factory reset on your thermostat to solve the problem.

After thoroughly troubleshooting your HVAC system, a factory reset should be able to solve the problem in no time. It essentially refreshes ALL services, including the ones responsible for cooling.

Here’s how to factory reset your AprilAire thermostat:

  1. Eject your thermostat off the wall.
  2. Remove the battery cover and expose the reset button.
  3. Hold the reset button of your AprilAire thermostat for 30 seconds.
  4. Your thermostat should reset after that!

Keep in mind that this reset will revert all of the settings of your thermostat (schedules, settings, configurations, and heating/cooling patterns) back to their default values.

Note: On some AprilAire thermostats you have to eject the batteries to reset the device.

How To Fix When AprilAire Thermostat Cooling Blinking?

If the AprilAire thermostat’s cooling lamp is blinking, this means that the batteries are dying.

The AprilAire thermostat is programmed to display the “Cool On” message when the device doesn’t have enough power so this is what you should be focusing on.

aprilaire cool blinking

Here are some easy fixes you should attempt to fix the blinking cooling light of your AprilAire thermostat:

1. Power Cycle Thermostat

Take your thermostat off the wall and remove the battery cover. Once exposed, take both battery units out for a few minutes and then reinsert them.

2. Replace AprilAire Batteries

Grab a fresh set of two alkaline AA batteries and eject the old ones from your thermostat. Position the new batteries into the correct position and test your thermostat.

3. Reset HVAC Circuit Breaker

The power problem tends to be with your entire HVAC system. Open the circuit breaker panel and pull the switch of your HVAC system down. Turn the power back up and check on your thermostat.

Note: Check whether your thermostat is blinking or not after each of these troubleshooting attempts that you can see above.

If that couldn’t solve the issue either and the thermostat is still blinking, consider contacting AprilAire for additional assistance.

The problem is most likely to be hardware-related that requires technical care.

Thus, to fix when the AprilAire thermostat isn’t cooling, close the furnace door securely and remove the safe-t-switch of the HVAC system. Enable the power to the HVAC system and reset with the circuit breaker. Lastly, execute a factory reset on your AprilAire thermostat to solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know what is causing the AprilAire thermostat not cooling problem, we hope you’ve managed to get this issue solved.

If you find it difficult at any point, don’t forget that AprilAire’ support team is always there for you when it comes down to such problems!

To read more easy-fix guides for your smart home products, check out our online technical blog!

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