android tv box blue light won't turn on

When the Android TV Box blue light won’t turn on there are quite a few things users can attempt before drawing any conclusions.

The not turning on a problem usually comes from power complications and in this guide, we’re going to unwrap this inquiry.

When the Android TV Box blue light appears it indicates a power insufficiency that could be coming from the power source or power equipment.

Of course, we can’t exclude accidental cases which can be helped by power circulation and a reset.

Now that we know what the solution includes, let’s learn why the problem appears!

Why Won’t The Android TV Box Turn On?

why wont my android tv box turn on

Your Android TV Box isn’t turning on mainly due to power fluctuations.

Some Android TV Box users admit that they can clearly see that the red light indicator is lit up (which means that the device is receiving power), but cannot turn it on.

This issue can occur due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Problem with the power adapter of the Android Box
  • Power insufficiency from the power source
  • The software of the Box is jammed
  • Shortly after a power outage

Android TV Box Blue Light?

The blue light can appear due to disruptions in the cable connection to the TV, failed setup with the remote, or if the SD card went bad.

The blue light on your Android TV Box means the Box has jammed.

To say the least, the blue light on your Android Box and the fact that you cannot turn the device could be a matter of two separate problems with the Box so be aware!

Let’s next jump into the solutions and solve the problem with the Android TV Box!

Android TV Box Blue Light Won’t Turn On – Best Solutions

how fix the android tv box

Before we proceed, there’s an important notice you should know since many people tend to use an SD card along with their Android TV Box with the goal of acquiring additional external or internal storage. 

If the SD card went faulty, the device could be stuck, until the SD card is removed

With that in mind, let’s jump into the first solution!

Solution #1 Power Cycle the Android Box

A good power cycle might be everything your Android cable Box needs to start running again.

By power cycling the device, you will reset the power flow inside of the unit and restart ALL services, which essentially delivers a fresh start for the device.

To power cycle your Android Box, follow these instructions:

  1. Using the Android TV Box remote, make sure that the Box is turned OFF.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of the Android Box from the power outlet.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes, while the Android Box is disconnected.
  4. Reconnect the Box to the power and turn it on.
  5. Check if the issue is now resolved!
Alert: Provide your Android Box a couple of moments to reboot its software! Be patient.

Solution #2 Discharge With Power Button

discharge the power button

Your Android TV smart Box tends to have a power button, that either shuts the device down or turns it on based on the current power state.

You should use the power button to soft reset your Android TV Box and check if that would resolve the blue light problem.

Follow these instructions to discharge your Android TV Box using the power button:

  1. Make sure that the Android Box is running OR has the blue light on.
  2. Press and hold the power button.
  3. Keep holding it for 60 seconds.
  4. Let go of the button.
  5. Check if the Android Box is going to work or if it is going to restart.

It’s only bad news if the Android TV Box does not show any signs of life when holding the power button.

However, that does not mean that the device is dead and you should proceed further!

Solution #3 Plug Into A Different TV Port

plug to a different port

Plenty of users managed to resolve the blue light problem on their Android Box by plugging its HDMI cable into an alternative port on their smart TV.

The software of the Android Box could jam eventually if the connection with the TV is not persistent or has interruptions.

Follow these instructions to re-secure the HDMI cable of your Android TV into another port:

  1. Unplug the power supply of the Android TV Box first.
  2. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the back of your TV.
  3. Locate an alternative HDMI port.
  4. Connect the cable of the TV Box to the new HDMI slot.
  5. Remember the label of the HDMI slot you’ve connected the cable to.
  6. Reconnect your Box’s power supply.
  7. Go into your TV’ source menu.
  8. Select the new HDMI input that has your Android Box in it.

It’s also recommended to test with an alternative HDMI cable if this solution failed to resolve the blue light issue on your Android Box.

In addition, check for any obstructions on the HDMI port entry to prevent complications in regard to the signal.

Alert: Make sure that the HDMI cable is not twisted or in an unnatural position.

Solution #4 Connect To A Different Wall Outlet

connect to different outlet

Your Android Box’s power problem may have something to do with power insufficiency from the power outlet.

If your Android TV Box isn’t withdrawing enough electricity, it will fail to work and identify the problem with the blue light.

It’s strongly suggested to relocate your Android Box

In addition, you should choose a standalone power outlet (no dividers) and test the source by plugging in another device.

Once you’re confident that the source is reliable plug your Android TV Box directly and test whether the blue light will disappear.

Note: In case the old power outlet turns out to be malfunctioning it’s best to be replaced!

Solution #5 Reset The Android Box

There is a way to reset your Android Box, without having access to its interface.

All you will have to do is press two buttons on the Box at the same time, until the device restarts and resets its software but will not delete any of the contents!

Reset Buttons?

a reset buttons

The two buttons you’re looking for (which could be different with each type of Android Box) are the Home and the Power button.

Usually, these buttons tend to be located on the front panel of the device, but could also be on the side. 

The “Home” button could also be called ed “Menu” or “Return” button in some cases.

How to Reset the Android Box?

  1. Identify the location of the Home and Power buttons.
  2. Make sure that the Android Box is either running or has its blue light on.
  3. Press and hold the Home and the Power buttons at the same time.
  4. Hold them until the blue light goes off and the Box restarts.
  5. Check if that will fix the issue.
Note: The more powerful factory reset that deletes everything from the Box can only happen the software way, only when the Box is able to turn ON.

Solution #6 Replace The Power Supply Equipment

replace the power equipment

There’s a chance that your Android Box’s power supply equipment has gone faulty as a result of extended use, damage, power outages, or a simple cable fault

You should approach this problem by replacing the power adapter of your Android Box!

Most Android Boxes use a standard A/C power adapter, which you can find at a local technical store.

Once you have the replacement power adapter, the rest is easy. Disconnect the old adapter from both ends and secure the new cable.

Once the new power adapter is intact, turn on your Android Box through the power button and check if the issue persists.

Tip: If the blue light continues to appear even with new power equipment, this would be a good time to check if the Box’s warranty is intact.

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Quick Recap:

Thus, the Android TV Box blue light indicates power fluctuations that prevent the device from turning on. The solutions we’ve reviewed include performing a power circulation and changing the power equipment and source, which often helps!

Wrapping Up:

To sum up, what we’ve learned about the issue when the Android TV Box blue light won’t turn on, we can say that the power income is always involved.

However, the most important steps to undertake are towards the power source and power equipment after which we can conclude where the problem is coming from.

We hope that this post was helpful and for more relevant content make sure to check our blog!

Nicole B