alexa can't connect to bluetooth

It is terrible when your Alexa can’t connect to Bluetooth devices

If using your Alexa is not possible right now due to Bluetooth issues, we are here to help you.

Also, sometimes Alexa fails due to low battery, outdated software, or the wrong distance between gadgets. Whatever the case, we will help you.

First of all, check your device’s battery. After that, check if it is not still connected to a third device and if its software is the most recent. Another problem might be an incompatibility between Bluetooth profiles. If the problem persists, contact the seller.

Before fixing the problem, however, it is essential to be clear about what might be causing it.

Understanding the cause will help you prevent new situations in the future.

Why Alexa Can’t Connect To Bluetooth?

why can't connect to bluetooth

When you can’t seem to get your Alexa’s Bluetooth functionalities to work, many reasons might be behind it.

Some might even sound silly once you think about them, but we are here to teach you. 

The most common reasons for Alexa Bluetooth not working are:

1. Low battery – Many Bluetooth devices/functionalities won’t connect if they have low battery, and your Alexa won’t work that way;

2. Distance is not proper – If your devices are too far apart or too close, the connection will not work;

3. Alexa is already connected to a device – Alexa can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time;

4. Outdated software – It is common for Bluetooth connection to fail when your software is obsolete;

5. Unsupported Bluetooth profile – Echo devices only support two Bluetooth profiles. Go to the solutions to learn more about that.

6. Your system is overloaded – All smart devices might become overloaded with tasks, just as computers sometimes do. 

How To Fix Alexa Can’t Connect To Bluetooth?

how to fix the alexa bluetooth

Now that you know the most common causes when your echo dot can’t connect to Bluetooth let’s find ways to fix the problem. 

There is more than one way to go about it, just like the causes are multiple. From reading the reasons, some solutions might already be obvious.

However, we can still guide you through all of them. So keep reading to make your Alexa functional again.

Solution #1: Recharge your Echo device

Many devices will malfunction when their batteries are low. That applies to your Echo Dot, Echo Show, etc. 

So, if you can’t get the Bluetooth function to work, try charging your device or connecting it to a power source. 

If that didn’t fix it, let’s go to the next thing you can do.

Alert: When recharging your Echo, ensure it charges until the battery is 100%. Otherwise, you will lower its life expectancy. 

Solution #2: Keep The Right Distance

keep a right distance

Since your Alexa device works via Bluetooth, you might think putting it right beside the other gadget you want to pair with it is a good idea.

However, the reasoning is not correct in such a case.

What happens with Alexa when you position it near an external speaker is that it can’t hear you properly.

However, since you want to say, “Alexa, connect to Bluetooth,” it is good to position the device at a distance it will capture your voice well.

According to Amazon, the best distance between Alexa and any device you want to pair with it is 3 feet. 

However, remember that thick walls and other thick materials can block or interfere with Bluetooth signals. So with that in mind, keep 3 feet apart and make sure nothing is in the way.

Note: After your devices are paired, you can immediately move them more than 3 feet apart without losing connection. 

Solution #3: Check The Bluetooth Connection

check bluetooth connection

Verify if any of your gadgets is already connected to your Echo device. That might be the silliest thing, but it truly happens sometimes, and you should check it. 

Since some Echo devices don’t have a screen with all details, you might ignore whether you left your Alexa connected to your phone, speaker, etc. 

If that is the case and you find out your Echo device’s Bluetooth connection is already taken, simply disconnect the gadget on the other end.

After that, you are free to use Bluetooth.

Alert: Alexa can only connect via Bluetooth to one device at a time!

Solution #4: Check Your Echo’s Software Auto-Update

Any updates available should already be installed in your Alexa/Echo. However, sometimes the auto-update might fail, resulting in other processes failing too.

If you suspect that might be the cause, you can check whether any updates are available.

To do that, follow the steps:

  1. In the Alexa app, go to the Home screen and tap Menu.
  2. When expanding, tap Settings.
  3. Select the desired Alexa device.
  4. Scroll down to the “About” section to see the software version.

Once you know what version it is, go here to find out if the most recent software version matches the one installed on your device. 

If your device is already updated and you can’t make it work, skip to solution number 6. If you need to update it, go to solution number 5.

Solution #5: Install An Update

try install an update

If you just found out your Echo device has its software outdated, you can easily install the most recent software by following these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” in the Alexa app.
  2. Then tap on “Device Options.”
  3. Tap “Check for software updates.”
  4. Tap “Install” if an update is available.

Alternatively, you can force a verification to install updates on the Echo Dot:

  1. Press the MUTE button once and release (do not hold).
  2. At this point, the ring should turn red.
  3. After the device has been silent for 2-3 minutes, Alexa will notify you that an update is required.
  4. The Echo Dot will restart upon completion.

Solution #6: Checking The Bluetooth Profile

In case none of the above solves your problem, you might want to check what is the Bluetooth profile of the device you are trying to get connected to.

According to Amazon, Echo devices support only two Bluetooth profiles:

check the bluetooth profile
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP SNK).
  • Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.
Note: A Bluetooth profile is not the same as the version (pointed by 4.0, 5.0, etc.), so you don't need to care about numbers this time.

If you want to know the Bluetooth profile of your device, you can go to the manufacturer’s page and look for the info.

So, for example, if we’re going to know the Bluetooth profiles supported by a Samsung Galaxy A12, we need to find this page

After you find your product’s page, use Ctrl + F to search “Bluetooth.” That will lead you to the profiles supported.

For example, here is how it appears on Samsung Galaxy A12’s page:

Solution #7: Amazon/Seller Support

contact amazon support

If none of the six solutions above can help you, you need to contact Amazon and reach the support team

If you bought the device secondhand just a while ago, try contacting the seller and learn whether they have faced any similar issues before.

They might know what’s going on with the device or will even return the money.

Quick Recap:

To fix your Alexa’s Bluetooth, check if its battery is okay, its software is updated, and whether it is still connected to another device. If none of that works, the problem might be in the Bluetooth profile of your other gadgets. If that is not the issue, then contact the seller and report the problem.

Bottom Line

Now you know why your Alexa can’t connect to Bluetooth, and hopefully, you were able to fix it.

After all, issues constantly happen with electronic devices, and preparing ourselves to handle them is no big deal.

Nicole B