airpods not connecting to dell laptop

If your AirPods not connecting to Dell laptop, we have the easiest fix for your problem!

Connecting your AirPods to a Dell laptop requires an active Bluetooth connection between both of the devices. There is a wide range of possibilities so let’s check what the solution includes.

To fix AirPods that won’t connect to a Dell laptop, restart the headphones along with your laptop. Make sure that your AirPods are charged and you’ve pressed the pairing button beforehand. Lastly, update the Bluetooth driver on your Dell laptop to solve the issue.

Let’s review the most frequent reports for this problem and then proceed with the best solutions available.

Why Are My AirPods Not Connecting To My Dell Laptop?

If your Apple AirPods refuse to pair with your Dell laptop, you must determine if the AirPods are discoverable in the first place.

Apple just loves making their products greatly compatible and customizable for the rest of their products, but you may have a hard time pairing them with a device of alternative origin.

Here are the problems that could occur when connecting your AirPods to the Dell laptop:

1. AirPods not in Pairing Mode

You must first put your AirPods in pairing mode before connecting them to your Dell laptop.

2. No Power in AirPods

Your AirPods must have charged in order to become discoverable for your Dell laptop.

3. Outdated Dell Bluetooth

Using the latest Bluetooth driver version for your Dell laptop is required when using newer Bluetooth-supported devices, such as the AirPods.

4. Too Far Away

You have to place your laptop and AirPods close enough to each other in order for the pairing to be completed.

5. Hardware Problem

A blunder with the hardware, either with your AirPods or Dell laptop may lead up to this problem you’re experiencing right now.

After throwing an eye on the following causes for the issue, keep reading to learn how to solve the problem with the internet’s most proven solutions.

How To Fix AirPods Not Connecting To Dell Laptop?

fix airpods not connecting to dell laptop

We’re about to solve the problem with your AirPods and Dell laptop’s connectivity in a consecutive series of solutions.

Make sure you follow the order of our fixes to receive the best results at troubleshooting.

Here’s how to fix the issue with your AirPods and laptop in easy steps:

Solution #1 Put AirPods In Pairing Mode

In order for your AirPods to become discoverable by the Dell laptop, they must be put into pairing mode.

Putting your headphones into pairing mode is relatively easy, especially if you do it on your AirPods.

Here’s how to put your AirPods into pairing mode and attempt the pair again:

  1. First, position your AirPods into the charging case.
  2. Check the LED in the charging case and make sure it is in red.
  3. Keep the case open, while pressing the pairing button on the back.
  4. Wait for the LED to turn yellow and open the Bluetooth settings on your Dell device.
  5. Search for a connection named “AIRPODS100” and tap it once.
  6. Check if the pair is going to be completed.
Note: Make sure that while you’re attempting the pair with your headphones in pairing mode, both of your devices are close to each other.

Solution #2 Charge Headphones & Case

charge your airpods

If your AirPods aren’t pairing with your Dell laptop, you must make sure that both the headphones and the charging case are sufficiently charged.

We recommended filling them up to maximum charge level and then re-attempt the pairing to your Dell laptop.

You can track the charge level of each of your AirPods along with the case when connected to an Apple device.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, feel free to connect your AirPods to the device while they are charging and track their progress.

Pro Tip: Once your headphones are sufficiently charged, you can attempt to re-pair them to the Dell laptop from the instructions back in solution #1

Solution #3 Restart Dell Laptop Bluetooth

An easy fix to approach the issue with is to restart the Bluetooth on your Dell laptop.

That’s going to refresh all available connections for your Dell device, therefore showing the connection of your AirPods (as long as they are in pairing mode).

Make sure to put your AirPods into pairing mode before refreshing the Bluetooth on your device, by holding the pairing button for 5 seconds.

Re-enable the Bluetooth on your Dell laptop from the settings and check if you’re going to be able to connect with the AirPods.

Note: Give the Bluetooth feature on your Dell laptop several seconds to search for connections and your AirPods before attempting to fix the issue in any other way.

Solution #4 Disconnect Devices From Dell Laptop

disconnect devices dell laptop

If you already have a Bluetooth device connected to your Dell laptop, you should disconnect it in order to make your laptop eligible for the AirPods.

Older Dell laptops may support up to only one paired Bluetooth device and therefore you will have to disconnect all current ones to pair your AirPods.

Here’s how to disconnect already-connected Bluetooth devices to your Dell laptop:

  1. Hit the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar of your laptop.
  2. Go to Devices and tap on Bluetooth & other devices.
  3. Select the list of devices and then choose the “Info” sign to remove any connected devices.
Note: Once you’ve made sure no additional devices are connected, attempt to pair your AirPods to the Dell laptop.

Solution #5 Reset AirPods

If nothing worked, you should attempt to reset your AirPods to solve the problem.

Keep in mind that resetting your AirPods requires an iPhone or an iPad device so you could access the settings of the headphones.

We will provide you with two separate ways of resetting your AirPods, with and without an iPhone.

How To Reset AirPods With iPhone/Phone?

  1. Connect your AirPods to the iPhone by taking them out of the compartment.
  2. Tap the “Info” button on your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.
  3. Tap on “Forget This Device”.
  4. Wait.

How To Reset AirPods Without iPhone/Phone?

  1. Ensure your AirPods have a battery.
  2. Press the Pair button on the back of the headphone’s case.
  3. Hold it down for 15 seconds.
  4. Your AirPods are now reset!

If that didn’t solve the problem, we will guide you through updating the Bluetooth drivers of your Dell laptop to manage to pair the problem.

How To Fix AirPods Not Connecting To Dell Laptop No Driver?

dell laptop no driver

Updating your Dell laptop’s Bluetooth will make it compatible with many Bluetooth devices that require the latest software.

Here’s how to update the Bluetooth driver on your Dell laptop:

  1. Go to Dell’s site and access Drivers & Downloads.
  2. Identify the type of your dell product (the laptop’s kind or model).
  3. Tap on “Check For Updates”.
  4. Allow Dell to check for available updates and select “Download”.
  5. Wait.
  6. Jump back to solution #1 and attempt to pair your AirPods.

Note: Even if you don’t see Bluetooth written anywhere on your screen, the latest Bluetooth version will be automatically applied to your laptop along with the update.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix AirPods that aren’t connecting to Dell laptops, reboot both of your devices and refresh the Bluetooth of your AirPods. Ensure that your headphones are charged and update your Dell laptop’s driver to make the Bluetooth compatible.

Now that you know why are AirPods not connecting to Dell Laptop and how you can easily solve the problem, the rest is up to you.

You should not hesitate to contact Dell and seek further assistance in regard to your laptop’s Bluetooth compatibility!

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